Feb 25, 2021

BDF Law Group Selects IntelePeer’s Atmosphere CPaaS to Add Cloud Capabilities to Comply with Updated Legislation

New Integrations Bring Automation and Communication Channels to Solve Challenges and Address Client Needs

San Mateo, CA – February 25, 2021 – IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, today announced its Atmosphere CPaaS has been selected by BDF Law Group, a firm providing a full range of legal services to creditors. With IntelePeer’s AI-based solution that not only enables automated voice and SMS communication but also provides access to on-demand analytics for actionable intelligence, BDF is empowered with new cloud capabilities, including those which will  help its clients comply with January 2021 updates to the residential foreclosure law California Senate Bill 1079.

“BDF Law Group takes pride in ensuring our clients have the most up-to-date, accurate information and resources to achieve their goals,” says Ron Llewellyn, executive vice president of Solution Delivery for BDF Law Group. “With the need for a solution that could quickly automate the outbound notification process in regard to Bill 1079, we chose Atmosphere CPaaS for its ease in deployment and ability to integrate with our existing client management solution. Most every other solution we looked at took weeks or months to deploy, but in order for our clients to remain compliant with the new stipulations to Bill 1079, there was no time to waste. With the added capability to customize the solution using IntelePeer’s APIs to fit our business needs, we were able to overcome a huge hurdle in a matter of days. We look forward working with IntelePeer on our next project while exploring other solutions we can implement to cut costs and streamline processes.”

Establishing rights for tenants and community groups around trustee sales and residential foreclosure sales, Bill 1079 had several key sections that changed and, as legal counsel, BDF is responsible for disseminating this information to ensure client compliance. With a recommendation from GDT, an IntelePeer technology partner, BDF was able to send out timely, one-way automated notifications with the required information to clients per the law’s updates. Prior to implementing Atmosphere CPaaS, any BDF client who inquired about a property had to either contact a third party such as the sales agent through their website, or call the law group directly, both of which increase the risk of inaccurate data or cause data processing lags. With IntelePeer’s solution, BDF clients get real-time updates at the immediate time of inquiry. The solution is a hotline that runs 24/7 and can respond to a large volume of calls simultaneously.

“Customers are consistently looking for options to continue delivering a high level of service. BDF Law Group’s situation involved complying with different state regulations. IntelePeer’s Atmosphere CPaaS Starter package is a quick, efficient, low-code/no-code solution that enables deployment of advanced communications capabilities without a long, drawn out process,” says Jeremy Jones, chief commercial officer at IntelePeer. “Deploying automated interactions helps solve challenges like meeting the requirements of new state legislation. BDF Law Group is a great example of how quickly and easily it is to integrate an over-the-top solution to deliver the requirements of the updated state law while continuing to run business as usual.”

Atmosphere® CPaaS enables companies to engage with customers through voice, SMS, and social messaging, provide AI-enabled automation and communications routing, and access on-demand analytics for actionable intelligence. Companies can get started quickly with one of our  Atmosphere CPaaS Packages to implement solutions slowly or quickly with different options based on the business’s needs. Enterprises short on resources can also utilize IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Managed Solutions for ongoing integration and configuration support, available in all three packages.

Suzie Linville

Analyst and Public Relations Manager

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