Using artificial intelligence to transform CX and streamline agent operations

Jan 12, 2023

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Digital transformation has revolutionized business. Technology has streamlined operations, increasing productivity and customer interactions. The addition of automation has decreased workloads, improved customer experience (CX), and delivered self-service features for faster resolution time. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) is breaking into organizations nationwide, once again reshaping business.

How AI ties in with business communications via contact centers

AI allows machines to learn and make decisions based on pre-configured guidance and informational data. Utilizing AI and data-rich CRMs, contact centers can personalize interactions with their customers, across email, landing pages, voice, SMS text, chat, and more. When customers interact with an organization, their CRM information is accessed by AI-enabled systems, which relays the information to the customer. Customers can gain information unique to their needs, improving their CX while contact center operations are streamlined.

AI is applicable across the contact center, easily transforming CX and streamlining agent operations through a variety of simple operations.

  • Intelligently route calls
    AI allows contact centers to intelligently route calls based on pre-configured criteria and IVR menus. Now, customers are routed to the correct agent, increasing caller resolution time and agent efficiency.
  • Self-service opportunities
    AI supplements self-service opportunities, learning from the caller’s CRM data and past call history to direct them to the right self-service menus. Customers can resolve their issue without the help of an agent and support staff workload is offset.
  • Streamline agent operations
    With intelligently routed calls and self-service features, customers can get to the right person without consuming excess agent time and are able to solve their own requests. Costs are reduced, efficiency is improved, and agents can focus on more pressing tasks.
  • Transforming CX
    AI can be used to address customers’ unique experiences. When AI is used appropriately, it provides intelligent, convenient, and informed CX. Most individuals who use AI in their organizations benefit from AI applications.
  • Know your customers
    Organizations that take advantage of big data supported by AI can predict customer responses. AI can recognize customers based on their behavior and can help businesses understand the needs and interests that drive them to purchase.

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