Maximize Microsoft Teams with SmartCommunicator

Aug 16, 2023

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Microsoft Teams is one of the top communications and collaboration platforms, boasting 1.4 billion active users as of the second quarter of 2022. More than 1 million businesses in various industries across the globe use the platform, with 91 of the Fortune 100 companies using it for communication purposes. (Demand Sage, 2023) As the platform continues to grow, so do its features and capabilities, as Microsoft constantly finds new ways to upgrade and improve Teams.

Already an invaluable tool for modern enterprise, IntelePeer makes companies’ Microsoft Teams experience even better through its SmartCommunicator offering. Easy to use and set up, the SmartCommunicator app is a comprehensive collaborative solution that enables enterprises to create multichannel communication automation workflows directly from MS Teams.

Give your workforce communication tools they actually will use

Whether a workplace model is entirely in-person, completely remote, or hybrid, it is pivotal that everyone in the organization can communicate effectively. Those companies that lack proper communication channels will run into problems and won’t be as productive as competitors that work more cohesively. Typically, one of the main factors separating workforces is employee use of the communication tools and solutions provided to them by their employers.

Although most businesses have no shortage of communication resources and platforms, employees are becoming frustrated with traditional and disjointed communication tools and channels like email, phone, and video conferencing. Without digital communication platforms like SmartCommunicator, businesses have no way of uniting and centralizing these disparate channels – further frustrating employees. However, by implementing SmartCommunicator for MS Teams, companies can simplify workflows, integrating Voice, SMS, and MMS, while boosting efficiency and productivity.

For instance, suppose a team currently utilizes Microsoft Teams but relies on personal mobile devices for conducting business tasks. SmartCommunicator offers essential voice and SMS capabilities integrated within Teams, centralizing communication with other applications employees already use daily. Moreover, SmartCommunicator syncs with Microsoft Outlook contacts, and new contacts are added automatically.

Improve employee experience through MS Teams 

With tight deadlines and staff shortages still affecting workforces, it’s safe to say that employees feel stretched thin and burnt out. Thankfully, workforce communication platforms like MS Teams can improve the employee experience (EX), helping them participate in conversations, build relationships with coworkers, and more effectively plan their day.

SmartCommunicator further enhances EX by incorporating many other IntelePeer solutions that simplify work, including skill-based call routing, Smart Queueing, SmartFlows, and white glove support and service via Managed Solutions.

In addition, MS Teams can help alleviate the burden on a limited number of employees. For instance, MS Teams includes the intelligent recap feature that automatically generates meeting notes, suggests tasks, and customizes highlights based on the information most relevant to individual employees, regardless of whether they attended the meeting or not. Automating these tedious tasks allows employees to focus more of their time, energy, and resources on the most pressing challenges, boosting morale and improving the customer experience simultaneously.  

Effortlessly combine MS Teams with SmartCommunicator today 

If you have MS Teams, SmartCommunicator is the perfect solution for taking your current communication capabilities to the next level. Contact us to find out about incorporating SmartCommunicator into your MS Teams platform today to optimize your business operations.

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