Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with omnichannel shopping experiences

Oct 24, 2022

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Home goods retailers experienced enormous growth in the last few years. Many within the industry utilized omnichannel shopping to capitalize on the demand for home décor and furniture for home offices. However, despite home goods companies making $420 billion in 2020, it is unlikely they will replicate these numbers as people return to normal in-store shopping habits. (Sourcing Journal, 2021)

And, although the pandemic encouraged customers to shop online, most sales are still in stores, making it critical that brands use communications platform as a service (CPaaS) solutions to maintain customer loyalty and deliver personalization in their omnichannel retail strategy. (Sourcing Journal, 2021)

Maintaining a consistent customer experience

It’s essential to consider that even if omnichannel retailers receive another historic boost like COVID-19, most home goods sales will be from traditional brick-and-mortar stores. (Sourcing Journal, 2021) Still, consumers have permanently integrated online and offline habits into their routines, creating a new paradigm of omnichannel shopping. (Deloitee, 2021)

By leveraging the data-capturing capabilities of communication workflow automation (CWA), you could design a fluid omnichannel shopping strategy based on customer buying behaviors and preferences – whether that’s online or in store.

Moreover, whether shoppers prefer the convenience of eCommerce or the tangible benefits of in-store shopping, your company must ensure that the customer experience is consistent. You can support the same harmonious experience across every channel using a single automation platform for omnichannel communications.

No matter how or when customers like to shop, they’ll receive the same quality of service. Even if half of your customers have a busy lifestyle requiring flexible self-service capabilities, the other half can still enjoy taking their time strolling down store aisles. Likewise, the comprehensive analytic features of CWA allow you to provide congruent messaging.

Personalizing shopper interactions for increased engagement, revenue, and loyalty

While messaging and the overall feel of the buying experience should remain the same, you can also use CWA to personalize customers’ shopping experiences by identifying and customizing their journey touchpoints.

Similarly, sending segmented campaigns and tailored messaging to customers through the channel of their choice, be that SMS for younger people or voice and email for more traditional shoppers, can increase engagement and purchases. And by getting compelling messages to the appropriate shoppers at the right time, you can create more loyal and satisfied customers.

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Adapting the customer journey accordingly

It’s important to remember how the customer journey evolves. Communication workflow automation can enhance new processes accordingly. Today, typical omnichannel retail experiences include perusing home goods online, engaging with a chatbot to determine an item’s availability, and examining the product in the physical store. Regardless of where a shopper is on this journey, CPaaS can empower your company to provide a consistent and, at the same time, personalized experience.

The perfect platform for omnichannel shopping

Whether you need to gain insights into customer purchasing habits or the tools to build new workflows in minutes, IntelePeer has it all in one CWA platform. If you’re still on the fence about how communication automation can help your retail company, look at our infographic to learn more about omnichannel shopping experiences.

Heather Hancock

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