How automation can help healthcare staff prepare for an emergency

Jun 6, 2023

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During a medical emergency, nothing is more important than response time. Every second counts, and wasted time could harmfully impact someone’s life. Healthcare providers are keenly aware of this and continually seek ways to improve processes during these stressful times. Communications automation can help leading to increased reaction times during an emergency whether it’s an influx of calls to a call center, managing an increase in urgent appointment requests, or even handling routine, day-to-day operations that can distract medical teams from providing patient care. Hospitals and healthcare practices can treat more patients and seamlessly complete repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently by implementing a low-effort best-in-class communications automation solution.

Cloud queuing can help during an emergency

No matter the circumstance, long hold times shouldn’t prevent someone from contacting their doctor or healthcare facility during a medical emergency. Call volume and patient visits could skyrocket because of a natural disaster or a local incident such as a large car crash. A contact center that goes offline due to an outage serves no value to patients needing help. A first-class cloud queuing solution can ensure that a call center remains online during an outage, redirecting calls to different locations or available employees so that they can service those in need. Cloud queuing technology enables a healthcare organization to field more than 100,000 simultaneous callers while using pre-recorded messages to give patients status updates and self-service options, eliminating busy signals and preventing any patient from being overlooked.

Automating admin tasks to save time for medical staff

With some doctors spending over an hour of their day doing paperwork, with the right automation solution in place, all that wasted time could be spent giving patient care to those in need of emergency services. (Fierce Healthcare, 2023) Not only does paperwork take up a large portion of a medical professional’s day, but many physicians also don’t have enough time during traditional work hours to complete their administration work. On average, a U.S. physician spends about 1.84 hours a day completing documentation outside of work hours, which could lead to burnout while leaving teams dissatisfied. (KevinMD, 2023)

Utilizing a best-in-class communications automation solution can help reduce manual processes for medical staff. Tasks like appointment scheduling and reminders, patient communications, filling prescriptions and filing paperworkare all tedious and time-consuming. By implementing automated communications, like self-service appointment scheduling, healthcare organizations can remove these daily tasks from their overworked teams, giving personnel more time to meet one-on-one with patients, build deeper relationships and even see more patients in a day.

Automating a significant portion of monotonous admin work for medical staff, hospitals, and medical practices can free their employees’ minds of unwanted stress, enabling them to provide patients with the best care possible. Moreover, allowing medical professionals to focus solely on their patients ensures that those needing help during an emergency can receive the best treatment possible.

Modernize your processes with IntelePeer

IntelePeer’s low-effort Communication Automation Platform powered by AI doesn’t require any rip-and-replace procedures of a hospital or healthcare practice’s current infrastructure. Plus, it integrates easily into existing systems, allowing healthcare organizations to rapidly optimize manual day-to-day operations, thus freeing up more time for patient care and those in need of emergency services.

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Heather Hancock

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