Customer Q&A: How Chamonix is energizing its communications with Atmosphere SmartFlows and Engage

Apr 17, 2019

3 minutes

Picture this: you’re about to purchase a new product but have one quick question about it. There’s no answer to your question on the company’s site and no chat bot to send over your query. You need to pick up the phone and call. How likely are you to pick up the phone? Or do you just give up at the thought of waiting on hold, describing your question to an agent, maybe being transferred to someone else, and overall spending far too much time getting one question answered?

You know this process could be simpler. New technology and shifting consumer demographics have dramatically changed how marketing, sales, and customer service departments interact with their customers. Customers expect to be able to interact with a company when they want, the way want. A company all too aware of this shift is longtime IntelePeer customer, Chamonix, a Unimed brand. 

We spoke with Shaun Dolan, Media Director at Chamonix, to get a better sense of how the Atmosphere platform has been able to improve their customer service experience, uncover new sales opportunities, and increase revenue.

Hey there, Shaun! Could you tell us about Chamonix?

Chamonix is a direct response company that specializes in selling luxury skincare products to consumers. We’re going through a strategic marketing shift and decided to refocus our efforts from more traditional channels (like print and radio) to television and digital.

Why did you decide to make this shift?

Well, we have two main goals in mind. First, we need to appeal to a younger demographic. Second, we need to reduce our overall call volume and take pressure off our live agents.

How did you start using Atmosphere SmartFlows?

We built a flow to connect with customers that weren’t able to speak with a live agent. So if they hung up while waiting on the queue, we would load that list into SmartFlows which would generate a callback. The customer would then either connect with a live agent real time or we would follow up a missed call with an SMS where they could get a unique special offer to our site.

Did that follow-up text message help boost your response rates?

What we’ve found is when we try to manually dial these numbers back, you’re only converting about 10% of customers. Since utilizing Atmosphere SmartFlows, we’re now converting about 40% of those leads which really changes our profitability margins on the front end.

Why do you think you saw this increase?

I think the utilization of SMS messaging is a huge plus because these consumers tend to be a bit younger and they do not want to talk to a live person on the phone. I’m the same way. If I have to talk to somebody, I’d rather just not buy the product. This is where Atmosphere Engage fits in for us. SMS is how we would love to communicate with that generation and demographic and Engage makes it easy to do that.

How do you see yourself using Atmosphere SmartFlows and Engage in the future?

On the back-end we are starting to build flows o customers can track their orders via text message and get updates on promotions and new product releases. This helps reduce the load on our live agents.

Whether you’re trying to reduce call volume, tap into a new customer base, or improve your existing customer interactions, omni-channel communications are a total game-changer. You can reach out to your customers through their preferred method of communication, whether it’s calls, emails, texts, telegrams, or carrier pigeon (pigeons not included in Atmosphere subscriptions)!

We’ll keep you updated on how Shaun and his team continue to improve their customer communications and call center experience. See for yourself how easy it was for Shaun’s team to transform their customer communications with Atmosphere SmartFlows and Atmosphere Engage

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