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Nov 29, 2018

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In a previous post, we covered how different departments in your company can use CPaaS, now we will be focusing on CPaaS for Marketing.

It might be helpful to focus on each department to demonstrate further how CPaaS can be used by each team to streamline their day to day operations, contributing to overall improvements across the business.  Let’s start with your marketing team.

When it comes to communications solutions, what may come to mind for most marketers is marketing automation, email campaign systems, social media, and responding to basic customer inquiries. What may not come to mind is using other types of communications solutions to enhance existing systems and processes. This is where CPaaS comes into play: a way to help marketing teams create more effective interactions and improve the customer experience.

CPaaS allows your marketing team to create customized communication and engagement flows to customers’ preferred communications method, such as voice, SMS, or email. You can send texts, automate voice outreach, employ push notifications, and more! It can also help you manage inbound communications to ensure your customers are getting the same experience no matter which channel they are using or the location they are communicating from. Additionally, this smooth integration allows for in-depth analytics to better understand how your customers and prospects are interacting with your business and campaigns.

Here are a few examples of how marketers can use CPaaS to improve the customer journey and create more meaningful interactions:

1. Send out coupons through SMS

Releasing a new product? Send your customers a new product alert with a discount code. Need to boost sales for a specific product or in a target region? Create targeted campaigns that are triggered based on buying behavior and integrated with CRM and marketing automation systems for more personalized campaigns.

2. Gather feedback on products and services

As much as marketing teams focus on outbound communications, they are also looking for feedback on products and services. Make sure you’re on the same page as your customers by sending out surveys asking them to rate their most recent experience.

CPaaS allows you to do more than basic survey gathering. CPaaS enables marketers to create flows that can send questions, capture responses, or transfer to a live agent. It can even utilize AI to respond to positive or negative feedback with discounts delivered through text or follow ups from company representatives.

3. Interact with customers through a website chat function

Provide customers with self-service options for basic tasks such as answering questions about hours, pricing, or product availability by adding a chat function to your website. These chats can be automated to help solve easy issues and suggest when to alert your team that more attention must be given to a certain customer, making your team more accessible to assist with more complex issues.

For your marketing team, implementing CPaaS for Marketing can dramatically improve customer outreach and engagement by enhancing existing solutions. There are endless possibilities for how your marketing department can use CPaaS to amplify their efforts.

With IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Communications Platform and ready-to-use applications, all teams can take advantage of CPaaS for marketing has to offer by creating communications flows and using out-of-the-box applications without needing development assistance.

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