Communication healthcare software might make the biggest (and best) impact on staff and patients

Oct 17, 2022

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While healthcare software as a service spending is a top priority for many healthcare companies, it’s best to maximize the tools you already use and minimize time spent managing them. Reducing time and effort spent on software reduces overhead costs and helps your department’s budget. (Healthcare Software As A Service Market Report, 2022)

In recent years, “improving clinical operation, modernizing data platforms, the integration of disparate systems, and rationalizing IT expenditures were the top priorities of organizations,” and it’s as achievable today as ever. (Healthcare Software As A Service Market Report, 2022) Some cloud communication tools like IntelePeer’s Platform automates the communications process, provides great service, and comply with HIPAA regulations, but there are plenty of other benefits.

Communication workflow automation is fast and easy to use

No-code and low-code applications help many departments of healthcare organizations communicate with patients more effectively. IntelePeer’s SmartFlows uses a drag-and-drop interface to quickly set up common business communications.

Update and customize communications quickly

With SmartFlows, Smart IVR, texts, and more can be updated from anywhere and at any time. No-code and low-code applications can be easily edited without the need for coding or taking up a developer’s valued time. What can take weeks to implement using traditional communication workflow automation (CWA) offerings, takes mere minutes with IntelePeer’s low-code and no-code applications.

Integration of a CWA platform is simple with APIs, too. And our Managed Solutions can help with the heavy lifting. Link IntelePeer’s platform with electronic health records (EHR) and patient portals for a more holistic view of communications. For example, with APIs in place, patients can:

  • Schedule an appointment online
  • Receive an automatic text reminder
  • Submit paperwork before their appointment
  • Get notifications about prescriptions
  • Call a self-service number
  • Seamlessly transfer to a staff member if needed

One app for emergencies

IntelePeer’s Marketplace contains many time and effort-saving applications. Hospitals can use the business continuity app to prepare for an emergency before an accident takes out infrastructure. Maintain communication operations at the most crucial times by:

  • Protecting patients’ communication solutions including failure and interruption
  • Ensuring call delivery during interruptions
  • Attempting to transfer all calls to patients’ primary numbers
  • Automatically logging call errors when numbers are unavailable
  • Notifying errors to IT departments
  • Transferring undelivered calls to a failover number

Improve revenue with automated appointment scheduling and reminders

“Missed appointments (no shows) are a significant problem facing clinical practices”. (HIMSS, 2021) Integrating your EHR with a CWA platform helps remind patients about upcoming appointments. Easily send automated reminders via text, phone call, or digitally to reduce missed appointments.

AI and automated customer support reduce administrative strain

Healthcare technology can improve the patient experience to a great extent via fast and easy self-service from the communication channel of their choice – voice, text, or other digital channels. With IntelePeer’s communication automation platform you can provide not just automated, but personalized patient communications. IntelePeer’s conversational AI can detect different languages and provide callers with the right information or connect them to an agent when needed.

IntelePeer’s CWA platform can help take the stress off your admin, IT, and office staff. With time-saving AI, patients can get the answers they want fast and book appointments by themselves. The list of time-saving tasks gets longer each time Marketplace is updated with a new app. And with Managed Solutions, personalized assistance for advanced customization, your communications can be set up and monitored with the upmost care and service.

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