CPaaS in healthcare: Elevating patient care

Mar 31, 2022

2 minutes

Today, healthcare contact centers face increasing pressure to improve the patient experience. One strategy is to become more mindful of the customer journey. Think about every step in the patients’ process and improve service wherever you can. From patients finding your practice and onboarding, to managing care, to after-care follow ups. Continue to improve each step with clear and convenient communication to enhance patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Many contact centers aim to remain competitive by focusing on services like automation, self-service, and omnichannel experiences to create a convention patient experience. Staying competitive will require your contact center to create continuous touchpoints throughout the patient experience – multiple communication channels and digital self-service – while eliminating inefficient administrative steps. 

Communication automation empowers healthcare contact centers to provide a consistent patient experience

A critical aspect of elevating patient care is ensuring that their questions get resolved quickly and efficiently using their preferred means of communication. Our automated communications workflow platform helps patients get the answers they’re looking for fast, book appointments quickly, and receive confirmations via convenient texts.

We help provide your patients with self-service options and automated processes, helping them get the answers faster and easier. Moreover, with omnichannel automation and AI, your contact center can reduce inefficiencies and boost patient engagement.

For example, IntelePeer’s AI capabilities can recognize the tonality and sentiment of a client’s voice to connect them to an agent if frustration is detected. Or our platform can identify keywords and direct them to the ideal department, reducing transfers and improving service.

By resolving patient requests promptly and reducing easily answered FAQs with AI, your contact center can create a better patient experience and improve patient loyalty. In addition, it will allow your agents to focus on more pressing and complex patient needs.

Unsurprisingly, most patients prefer to communicate with doctors and admin staff from their preferred device or application – cell phones, tablets, laptops with channels like SMS, patient portals, or email.

Through communication workflow automation, your company can give patients the freedom to communicate in a convenient way. Likewise, to ensure that patient care is refined, our platform allows you to:

  • Track important patient data
  • Monitor behavior
  • Gather feedback
  • Provide care instructions
  • Manage prescriptions
  • Review surveys
  • Answer treatment questions
  • Provide wellness tips

With IntelePeer’s communication automation workflow, your healthcare contact center can selectively leverage the services you need to elevate patient care at a fraction of the typical cost or complication of build-from-scratch and non-cloud-based solutions. Our platform unifies communications between your back-end systems and your clients for more frequent and honest interactions.

By optimizing patient service through automated routing management and precisely configured communication workflows, the entire patient journey will be significantly more reliable, integrated, and convenient. And if you have a hospital or clinic with multiple locations, our communication tools can easily direct calls to the best area and most qualified employee based on time of day, location, or need.

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is people’s appreciation of the omnichannel freedom to choose between physical and digital interactions. To begin moving towards this future today, healthcare providers must establish a strong, customizable, and flexible communications strategy that can handle the increasing need for complexity while keeping patient wellness and care top of mind. Our communication automation workflow platform can help enhance your patients’ experience without interfering with your existing communications infrastructure.

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