Healthcare communications services: How CPaaS helps cultivate patient relationships

May 15, 2020

3 minutes

As a healthcare provider, you know that creating relationships with patients is an essential foundation to maintaining wellness. Between appointment and vaccine scheduling, prescription refills, communicating health risks with patients, and more, managing patient communications and keeping them engaged can be a challenge. A strong communications strategy can take the complexity out of it, so you can keep patient wellness as a top priority.

It all starts with communications solutions that are easily customizable and flexible enough to keep up with the healthcare industry. Communications platform as a service (CPaaS) fills the gaps and enhances existing business communications strategies, allowing healthcare providers and pharmacies to create engaging interactions with their patients. CPaaS is a buildable solution which allows providers to use only the services they need to best serve their patients at a fraction of the typical cost or complexity of non-cloud-based solutions.

Self-service through automation

Great patient experiences start with great first impressions. By providing self-service options, patient issues can be addressed quicker and easier than ever before. Gone are the days of patients calling in, sitting on hold, explaining their situation, and waiting to be helped. With automated processes and chatbots, patients can take care of routine tasks such as bill payment, appointment scheduling, vaccine scheduling, and learning provider information.

While automation helps streamline processes, the human touch is important to create meaningful customer interactions. Providers need to consider implementing AI capabilities that recognize the tonality and sentiment of a customer’s voice and direct them to the department that will best assist them. Larger healthcare systems with multiple locations can easily direct calls to the best location based on time of day, location, or need using our cloud-based call routing services. Implementing CPaaS solutions empowers healthcare providers to offer a consistent patient experience from the very beginning.

Engage your patients through SMS

Today, the majority of consumers say they prefer to engage with companies through SMS. SMS is a simple but effective solution that can be easily integrated into existing communication workflows to send health reminders, set and confirm appointments, and obtain patient feedback. It’s also a great way to ensure that patients stay up to date with their medications. Patients can get text alerts to refill prescriptions on-demand through integrations with prescription management systems or electronic medical record systems. These solutions take the hard-work out of patient communications, so you can stay focused on what matters most – your patients.

As the healthcare industry advances its medical technology, don’t let your communications technology fall behind. IntelePeer’s Platform is built to optimize your communications and help keep your patients engaged, informed, and well.

To learn more about CPaaS and how it can simplify your most complex communications challenges, check out our eBook: “How Healthcare Companies Can Use CPaaS.”

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