CPaaS product update: Delivery receipts, campaign pace control, quick access to number management, and more

Jun 11, 2020

2 minutes

With summer just around the corner, IntelePeer turned up the heat in our product suite with updates to Atmosphere SmartFlows®, Atmosphere Engage®, Atmosphere Insights®, and the Atmosphere CPaaS portal. So, turn up the AC and grab a lemonade because you’re in for a pre-summer treat!  

Atmosphere SmartFlows® 

Include delivery receipts for your SMS messages 

Knock knock, anyone there? Are your customers getting your texts? Atmosphere SmartFlows® now offers a read receipt option. A simple checkbox can let you know how engaged your customers are. Note: IntelePeer is not responsible for any broken hearts caused by being left on “read”. Delivery receipts vary by carrier and location, check out this page to learn more.  

Protect customer data 

Your customer’s privacy is important. We’ve changed the default behavior for Collect DTMF and any other action that gathers customer information to no longer automatically store that information. This way you do not have to be concerned about credit card numbers, health information, or other sensitive data being saved. Simply check the “Store data in Atmosphere Insights Data” to save the information to your database. 

Atmosphere Engage® 

Control campaign speeds 

Slow down there, buddy! Atmosphere Engage® now allows for pace control. Choose a sending rate for your SMS and voice campaigns to avoid bombarding your customers and your network. Current options are 1 per second, 3 per second, 10 per second, or 30 per second. 

Copy campaigns 

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Do you have a campaign that works well for you? Well instead of recreating it for every new outreach, you can copy it! Simply click the “Copy” button on the main Campaigns page to duplicate the selected campaign. The new copy will contain all the same campaign configurations except for the lists. 

Atmosphere Insights® 

Collecting and understanding your data shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. That’s why we’ve continued to improve Insights to ensure a better user experience. As a first step, you’ll see a new left navigation menu to choose dashboards, so you can get to the data you want to see more quickly.  

Filter through your dashboards on our new and improved Atmosphere ® portal. 

Atmosphere Portal 

It’s a whole lot easier to manage your voice and CPaaS-enabled numbers through the Atmosphere CPaaS portal. You can view and manage your numbers quickly without having to open up Atmosphere SmartFlows. Check out which numbers are assigned to a SmartFlow or a text campaign. Add CPaaS-enabled numbers, Facebook Messenger numbers, and WhatsApp numbers. 

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? Well, there are a lot more updates where these came from! Check out the release notes for Atmosphere SmartFlows, Atmosphere Engage, Atmosphere Insights, and the Atmosphere CPaaS portal to learn more. 

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