Solving healthcare business challenges using automated communications

Reinvent your patient interactions

With communications automation you can: create personalized messages, streamline patient communications, simplify payment processing, and help you avoid costly missed appointments.


Episode transcript

Healthcare today has changed dramatically. In fact, Gartner estimates that virtual encounters will exceed face-to-face interactions by 2023. That is forcing healthcare providers to reinvent how they interact with patients, but that comes with its own set of challenges. Manual patient life cycle management has become cumbersome. Notifying patients and employees in a consistent timely manner is difficult to scale and manage. Staffing shortages have affected patient communications and timeliness of patient interactions. Patients want to communicate over multiple channels making it challenging to compile a comprehensive patient profile. Protecting sensitive patient data is more difficult than ever, so new security measures must be put into place. These challenges are significant, but not impossible to overcome. Communications Workflow Automation is exactly what the doctor ordered. Communications Workflow Automation is an omnichannel communication solution that is powered by automation, AI, and analytics that helps healthcare organizations create smarter patient communications. The no-code and low-code solutions can be deployed in minutes, are easy to use, and are HIPAA compliant. Now you can deliver best-in-class patient experiences and enable staff to focus less on administrative tasks and more on patient care. IntelePeer’s Communications Workflow Automation solution can:

  • Create personalized messages to patients via phone call, SMS text, and chat that are triggered at certain steps in the patient life cycle.
  • Streamline patient communications while lessening administrative tasks.
  • Simplify the payment process with automated bill reminders and secure credit card payment functionality and help you avoid costly missed appointments with automated reminders and self-serve cancellations and keep your data secure.

Let IntelePeer, a trusted industry pioneer, help you simplify patient communications, so you can focus on what matters most – your patients. Because in the healthcare industry, the future is now. Contact us today.