Top Actions To Improve Customer Experience For Contact Centers

Reduce strain on your contact center & maintain customer service

The current state of business presents new challenges for contact centers and customer service teams. Employees have transitioned to a remote and virtual workplace, customer inquiries have increased or have to be managed with a decreased staff, and frequent communications are more important than ever. Here are some quick tips to maintain customer service levels and improve agent productivity.

Offload inbound communications

Manage inbound inquiries by directing phone calls, text messages, or social messages to an automated option to share the workload with your agents. Use a virtual agent bot for FAQ-style information and then pass on the more complex questions to a live agent.

Automate customer service tasks

Another way to offload agent work is to create self-service options for your customers. Use chatbots and automated workflows that allow customers to take care of the basics such as balance checks, bill payment, and order status will deliver a great experience, and free up agents for customer issues that need more attention.

Send employee and customer notifications

Help cut down on the number of inquiries from both customers and employees by keeping everyone in the loop with proactive communications. Let customers know new operating hours, product availability, or actions your business is taking to address the crisis. Provide employees with schedules or changes to company policies.