AI-powered automation and personalized communication for optimal ROI with SmartWorker™

Empower the enterprise worker with automation

IntelePeer’s SmartWorker solution enables businesses to leverage AI and analytics for automation, which optimizes ROI for better spend predictability with a per-seat billing model and enhances personalization throughout the organization. With a single in-app environment, enterprise workers can utilize data intelligence for all messaging and voice communications.

This empowers workers to self-serve and create their own intelligent experiences, using features such as text messages, calls, chatbots, and live chat integrated with enterprise business systems (CRM).

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Why SmartWorker? Get these benefits and more:

Higher payback / ROI

– Predictable spend
– Improved employee productivity
– Mix-and-match SmartWorker bundles; package for every employee’s needs
– Productivity savings of $6.9K/worker

Increased revenue

– 24×7 instant resolutions
– Reduce searches for information
– Automate routine tasks across mobile and desktop

Automation features

– Smart Communicator™
– NLP, machine learning, and AI
– Analytics
– Business continuity