Hyper-automate your contact center

Reduce labor costs and improve customer experience

IntelePeer’s SmartAgent™ for inbound contact centers is helping businesses to quickly automate agent responsibilities and empower self-service for a faster ROI — with a more efficient over-the-top approach. Businesses can now improve customer experiences and CSAT with the latest hyper-automation capabilities — resulting in immediate in-quarter payback on their SmartAgent investment.

Powered by IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform, SmartAgent features generative AI, advanced analytics, and omnichannel orchestration, versus traditional live agent-led contact centers. Hyper-automate your inbound contact center today.

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Why SmartAgent? Get these benefits and more:

Manage spikes in call capacity

– Handle high call volumes with virtual agents
– Eliminate customer wait time to speak with a live agent

Reduce costs

– Activate virtual agents to handle repetitive tasks
– Leave more complex tasks to live agents

Avoid compliance issues

– Let virtual agents gather and handle sensitive data
– Ensure PCI and HIPPA compliance

Minimize average handle time (AHT)

– Accurately route calls to the right source
– Capture customer intent and decrease call resolution time

Contain up to 70% of customer interactions

– Increase customer call containment rate with self-service
– Human-like interactions resulting in faster self-service

Increase CSAT scores

– Bot training up to 5x faster
– 24/7 customer service

SmartAgent seat GOLDSmartAgent seat DIAMOND
Basic automation
Inbound API triggerXX
Standard automation
Insights (user-defined)XX
ASR (rule-based directed speech)XX
Social messaging 1XX
Call recordingXX
Integrations (through inbound APIs)XX
Advanced automation
Advanced integrationsX
Conversational AI (NLP bot built by Managed Services)X
Call transcriptX
List ManagementX
Hyper automation2
SmartQueuing™Add-onAdd-on with generative AI
Generative AI w/ dynamic rephrasingX
Customer’s specific data augmentationX

Telco Fair Usage included
Add-on: Reputation Management, inbound spam template,
Not included (must buy a la carte): Number rentals (TF, DID) and offshore and international
1 Feature coming soon

2 SmartAgent Diamond has an option to add additional hyper-automation Managed Services package (mandatory in 2023). Containment capability increased with the automation offered by the AI with different package.