Emergency preparedness

Protect your business. Plan for the unexpected.

Businesses must prepare for the unpredictable, with the right strategy, people, and technology in place to help them build and maintain the most effective emergency plan. When disaster strikes, IntelePeer empowers collaboration across locations, so that employees and customers can continue business as usual without missing a beat.

No matter the event, businesses can trust IntelePeer’s emergency planning solution for all their mobile communication needs, with reliable uptime and intelligent automation to outsmart any outage. Our all-in-one emergency preparedness solution intelligently enables connections across channels so that businesses can take their full offices and communication capabilities anywhere they need to go.

Featuring award-winning high reliability and security, data can always be accessed from mobile, tablet, or desktop. With a cloud-based intuitive administrative portal, it’s simple to build real-time specialized routing to handle all inbound communications — ensuring that a message or call is never missed. Businesses can also alert employees and customers in real time to communicate time-sensitive policy, emergency status, and safety updates. With employee and customer alert notification capabilities, masses can be notified when it matters most.

Moreover, IntelePeer monitors call centers to ensure that their customers can always reach them. In case of an outage, IntelePeer will catch the issue before it becomes a problem and automatically reroute the incoming communication to a new location where the message can be immediately received and addressed.

With 99% customer loyalty, 99.999% service uptime, and 24/7/365 support, IntelePeer is a proven expert in helping businesses in any emergency they may face. Start planning today — learn more at

Our full-offer suite includes:

Proactive call handling

Employee and customer alerts


Business continuity

Admin management

High security

White glove support

Dynamic 911