Eliminating the need for the BPO

Smart Automation by IntelePeer eliminates the need to outsource the customer experience

Business process outsourcing (BPO) providers often struggle with high costs, reduced efficiency, limited scalability, inconsistent customer experience, and limited data-driven insights due to a lack of modern communications processes. These challenges can lead to customer dissatisfaction, missed opportunities, and difficulty adapting to growing demands. Companies need a communications solution that automates tasks, streamlines workflows, and provides valuable insights to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience, without the need for a BPO.

IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform enables always-on customer support virtual agents, combining cutting edge automation and analytics with the power of AI to maximize the customer experience. This technology is continuously learning and is available at the expense of the outsourced labor needed to handle the complexities of today’s digital environment.

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Benefits : AI and automation can help your customers

Reduce costs

Automation can free up agent time so they can focus on the interactions that matter

24/7 customer support

Provide support — whenever and wherever your customers need it

Significant labor cost reduction

Automation allows businesses to re-think their need for costly contact center agents

In-quarter ROI

Experience immediate payback as automation project pay back their investment within quarter

Improved CSAT/customer experience

Automation provides a better customer experience without the need for agent intervention