CPaaS for Operational Continuity

Ensure superior customer experience with automation, self-service, and proactive notifications

During weather events, illnesses, or other unforeseen events, maintaining business operations and communications with customers and employees is critical. IntelePeer’s CPaaS can help you stay connected with a remote or reduced workforce, manage increased traffic, and keep up with evolving situations. Our ready-to-use applications enable fast implementation and ease the strain on your resources.

Self-service and automated interactions

Agent off-loading


Omnichannel communications

Customer and employee alerts with IntelePeer’s Engage

During critical times, your business can serve as a beacon of light to your employees and customers. IntelePeer’s Engage can help you send out that beacon. Your customers and employees need to feel like you’re thinking about them and will keep them completely up to date as things change. IntelePeer’s Engage empowers departments across the enterprise to quickly manage, schedule, and execute SMS and voice campaigns for timely communications. Plus, SMS has a 98% average open rate, compared to email at 25%!

Keep up with increased inbound inquiries through IntelePeer’s SmartFlows

Simple flows built in minutes can direct inbound communications to different locations, making sure all customers get to where they need to be. Distribute communications to either be handled by automation or by a live person. Live person support can be dispersed further based on the region or time of day. If your teams are overloaded and there are long hold times, build a flow that generates callbacks or that sends out links to information pages. IntelePeer’s SmartFlows makes it easy to build and modify these flows on the fly. By deploying automation and customer self-service options, you can reduce costs by at least 33%!

Self-service automation with IntelePeer’s SmartFlows

You may receive increased customer inquiries due to changes in business operations, new customer questions, and changing situations. IntelePeer’s SmartFlows can help offload inbound communications with flows that guide customers to specific information by employing chatbots or IVRs, automating some of these interactions, and leaving your agents to focus on more complex issues. Create more intelligent and customized interactions by leveraging our built-in AI integrations such as IBM Watson or AWS. IntelePeer’s SmartFlows provides multiple pre-made templates, like the one below, to help you deploy automation incredibly quickly. The flow below is for a pharmaceutical company in which customers call in, input which medication is theirs, and audio plays with information about their medication. They’re given the information they need and do not require customer service assistance.