CPaaS for COVID-19 vaccine appointment scheduling

Improve statewide vaccine appointment processes

States are finally getting their hands on COVID-19 vaccines. Now comes the massive challenge of scheduling appointments for millions of citizens. States and vaccine distribution centers are seeing a common set of problems as their distribution campaigns ramp up:

  • Massive inbound volume quickly overwhelms existing teams and tools
  • Most solutions take too long to deploy
  • Long wait times and service outages create bad publicity issues
  • Uncertain vaccine availability, limited distribution capacity, and ongoing updates to qualification criteria are hard to react to in real-time

IntelePeer recently helped one of the largest states in the country launch their own COVID-19 vaccine scheduling hotline. In less than 2 days, IntelePeer’s Managed Solutions team delivered a rock-solid solution that has already handled millions of appointment scheduling request calls:

  • Built and launched in 8 hours with no additional infrastructure or resources deployed by the state
  • Turn-key solution with appointment hotline, automated call qualification, and agent-assisted scheduling
  • No busy signals and low hold times
  • Burst capacity of over 100,000 simultaneous calls

How does it work?

A multi-lingual hotline that streamlines the vaccine appointment setting process with automated pre-qualification. This solution fits in with your existing systems and requires zero additional infrastructure.

  • Collects information and qualifies caller
  • Routes qualified caller to agent for scheduling
  • Schedules non-qualified callers for future call back

Benefits that only IntelePeer’s CPaaS can provide

Book thousands of appointments per hour with no additional agent requirements

Deliver an optimal experience for residents and patients with no busy signals and low hold times.

Make immediate adjustments as vaccine availability and distribution capabilities change over time.

How to implement

Get up and running quickly with a turn-key solution delivered by our expert Managed Solutions team.