AI and automation opportunities: how to unlock and harness the power of these tools

Feb 6, 2024

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Bring up the topic of AI and automation among a group of friends and you are likely to receive mixed responses. Some will suggest that this is the way of the future, and that automation will release us from every human trouble and concern that we currently face. Others will say that AI is about to upend our entire planet in ways that could bring about the destruction of the human race. However, neither of these dramatic scenarios is entirely accurate. In reality, automation and AI are useful tools for many businesses and organizations, and it is important to understand how to harness their power to reach one’s desired outcomes. When you’re wondering about the impact of AI, consider thinking more of the contributions of C3PO (Star Wars) rather than that of the T-800/Model 101 (Terminator).

How to find new opportunities for your automation solutions

When pitching the value of AI and automation to prospects, it is essential to first determine what your ideal customer looks like. Automation does not make sense for every business, industry, or organization, but it is extremely useful for many. Your target customer will likely have some of the following characteristics: 

  • A large organization – Typically, the organizations that benefit the most from automation are those with a significant amount of work. While smaller organizations can still rely on humans to handle the contained processes that they must manage, larger clients typically face more extensive and complex processes, making them better equipped to grasp the full benefits of AI and automation at a larger scale. These tools quickly and easily streamline operations without the need for additional human resources, providing significant value in terms of efficiency and cost-savings for the business.
  • Repetitive tasks - Your target customer will also likely have a considerable number of repetitive tasks that must be managed. Automation is particularly well suited to handle these types of tasks with both speed and accuracy, increasing the business’s operational efficiency while creating a better customer experience by allowing existing employees to focus on those high-value interactions that matter most.
  • Significant assets - The organization should also have a considerable number of assets before you consider targeting them as a potential customer. The reason for this is that they will better realize the value of the automation and AI products that you are pitching if these tools have a larger impact on the organization’s bottom line. These organizations will also likely possess the resources necessary to purchase and implement these solutions. 

A potential customer that has these characteristics is likely to be a great candidate for pitching your automation and AI solutions to.

Speak with people with influence 

It does not do you any good to have the perfect pitch for your customer only to discover that they do not have any influence over the decision-making process. Instead, you want to pitch your solutions to those who have some sway over the budget and how it is spent. These individuals can make concrete decisions about purchasing AI and automation to improve their organization and are who you should spend your valuable time targeting. 

Engage with your target customer about their pain points 

Where are some areas within your potential customers’ business that things are not being handled as efficiently as they could be? The answer to this question could help you lock in your next sale. That is why you want to engage to discuss pain points in your prospects organization and how your solutions can help alleviate their pain. 

Each industry is unique and is beset with its own challenges. For example, there are several areas where an online retailer might need a little boost. These include: 

  • Order management – Ensuring that orders placed by a customer are handled properly and that the items purchased are delivered accurately, safely, and in a timely manner is online retail 101. Automation plays a key role in efficiently managing this complex process. Not only can you help your retail customers save time by streamlining repetitive tasks with automation, but providing AI-powered solutions tailored to your customers’ needs can increase scalability and ensure a more accurate, reliable process, significantly boosting the customer experience.
  • Loyalty management – Everyone loves when they are rewarded for being a loyal customer. Loyalty programs boost engagement and grow the base of returning customers. When leveraging automated systems for these programs, your retail customers can more efficiently track real-time updates and management of large amounts of customer data, while tailoring their program to provide more personalized experiences and rewards for their clients.
  • Customer reviews77% of consumers state that they rely upon customer reviews before they make a purchase online. Therefore, maintaining a positive reputation with customers is paramount. AI and automation not only helps provide an overall better customer experience, but it can also sort through a large amount of customer reviews and successfully identify negative ones that may require a response from the retailer. This is yet another area where these tools can assume tasks traditionally performed by human hands. 

These are just a few of the pain points that you can address when speaking with your customers. Listen carefully to what they are saying about their personal pain points and make sure to address those concerns in-depth as well. When in doubt, IntelePeer is here to help you address the gaps in your customers’ AI and automation strategy.

For more information on how IntelePeer can help you transform your sales strategy with AI and automation, contact your partner representative today. 

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