Oct 1, 2020

New Study Shows Contact Centers Using Over-the-Top CPaaS Solutions See Major Results

“IntelePeer Customers saw 31% Increase in CX Ratings, 53% Increase in New Revenue, and 28% Decrease in Operational Spending.”

San Mateo, CA – October 1, 2020 – IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, announced today the results of a custom research study conducted by Nemertes Research, focusing on critical business and technology challenges faced by companies using on-premises contact centers and how they plan to address these within the next two to five years.

With the majority of larger enterprises still using on-premises contact center solutions, IntelePeer worked with Nemertes to gain deeper insight into the issues being faced by these companies as they work to make their Customer Experiences more innovative, agile, and scalable.

Key findings from this custom research study include:

  • Contact centers cite several benefits of on-premises platforms. Results from this study show 50% of decision makers cited maintaining control of security and technology as core reasons to stay on-premises; 38% stated it allowed for better connectivity and up time.
  • However, staying on-premises brings its own set of challenges. Research participants cited limitations. For example, 46% said the length of time to roll out new features was too long, 45% said it was too expensive to replace their equipment, and 33% said it was difficult keeping up with the pace of CX innovation.
  • COVID-19 accelerated the need for cloud capabilities. Extending the platform to work-from-home agents quickly was an issue for 42% of the CX leaders, while 33% cited the ability to scale up/down based on business demands, and 32% cited the lack of voice performance and quality.
  • Even with these challenges, many enterprises want to access cloud capabilities—and integrate with their on-premises platform. When asked about the likelihood of staying on-premises while overlaying an over-the-top CX solution like CPaaS, 85.3% said they would stay on-premises with that kind of solution.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw many of our customers with contact centers struggling to adjust to the need for setting up remote work for agents while ensuring they maintained customer service levels. This study was an opportunity to go deeper into the contact center’s needs, to better understand how we can solve their current and future challenges,” said Alison Haynes, Senior Vice President of Marketing at IntelePeer.  “As this study shows, on-premise contact centers are seeking ways to accelerate digital initiatives using AI, automation, and analytics without having to rip and replace their existing agent-facing solutions. Nemertes’ expertise in research around the contact center and customer experience made them the perfect partner for this study.”

As this study shows, on-premise contact centers are seeking ways to accelerate digital initiatives using AI, automation, and analytics without having to rip and replace their existing agent-facing solutions.

Alison Haynes
Senior Vice President of Marketing, IntelePeert

“The most compelling finding from this study is that the majority of CX leaders running on-premises contact centers want to keep them—and innovate over the top,” said Robin Gareiss, president of Nemertes Research and author of the study.  “Their platforms work well and typically have years of customization built in. But now as they try to extend capabilities to remote workers and innovate with AI and analytics, they want to leverage the agility of cloud through CPaaS integration. Those who have done so are reporting impressive business success metrics.”

Hear Robin Gareiss share more insights into this study and CX trends on our podcast, “Take it from your Peers”.

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