The average labor cost has increased 75%1 over the last 35 years, with an increase of 4%2 since 2022 alone. For your organization to thrive and increase profit, it’s critical to reduce labor costs.

The question is, how can you reduce labor costs while improving customer experience? The key to success is AI driven hyper-automation.

Watch our webinar to learn how AI driven hyper-automation can save time, boost productivity, and improve customer experience – all while decreasing labor costs. IntelePeer’s VP of Product Marketing, Michael Ciancio, will discuss how to use AI driven hyper-automation to implement: 

  • Intelligent routing to save on agent resources
  • Self-service options for in-demand customer tasks
  • An agile, customer-centric journey

We’re here for you on your AI and automation journey. If you have questions on how to leverage AI and automation to streamline operations, achieve ROI, and improve customer experience, IntelePeer can help. Contact us today.

1 and 2: Zippia

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