Jan 4, 2024

IntelePeer Studies Customer Interactions to Determine the ‘Why’ Behind the Contact

AI-enabled Customer Interaction Intent Study identifies customer intent, generating valuable insights to help improve customer experience while lowering costs

Dania Beach, FL, Jan 4, 2024 – IntelePeer, a leading provider of AI-powered communications automation solutions, announces the availability of its Customer Interaction Intent Study valued at $25K and available on a complimentary basis through June 30, 2024. The IntelePeer AI Intent Study enables businesses to develop a roadmap for the implementation of AI and automation in their customer service environments. During the last six months, IntelePeer’s Intent Study has been instrumental in analyzing the traffic of enterprise customers with 100’s of millions of interactions to date to determine the reasons why customers reach out to their businesses. The analysis has been used to define and prioritize the interactions that can be automated.

“The benefits of customer service automation are numerous; however, it can be a complex landscape leaving businesses struggling to know where exactly to begin automation,” said Frank Fawzi, CEO of IntelePeer. “With IntelePeer’s Customer Interaction Intent Study, we’re able to leverage AI to pinpoint the reasons behind a customer interaction, categorize such intents and develop an actionable plan for the implementation of AI and automation that can produce business outcomes in 30 to 60 days. The Intent Studies provide an analytics-based roadmap to help customers achieve up to 90% call containment rates. Imagine the cost savings achieved and improvement in customer experience by automating such a massive amount of customer interactions, delivering better consistency and accuracy when responding to customer service requests.”

IntelePeer analyzes up to 20k calls per customer over a period of two weeks in a secure manner, stripping any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) at the source and anonymizing customer data. To date, IntelePeer has helped customers in many verticals, including healthcare, dental, retail, insurance, fitness and logistics. Some key trends observed include:

  • In healthcare and dental, approximately 70% of inquiries are related to scheduling, specifically making, rescheduling, and cancelling appointments.
  • In the health insurance industry, coverage inquiries, eligibility verification and claims status make up the majority of inquiries comprising 73% of all calls.
  • For auto insurance, obtaining a quote, adding a vehicle to existing coverage and filing a claim were the top inquiries, making up 66% of all calls.

“What makes IntelePeer’s Customer Interaction Intent Study stand out from what other companies are doing is our ability to complete the analysis in two weeks and is not limited to the contact center but can be conducted on customer interactions across the entire enterprise,” continued Fawzi. “Our methodology allows businesses to shift focus toward high value revenue-generating customer interactions, delivering immediate cost savings realized within the same quarter as deployment.”

AI is going to transform every business starting with customer interactions. With the IntelePeer AI Intent Study, companies receive:

  • AI analysis of and a detailed report regarding the reasons behind customer contact to one’s business.
  • Identification of automation opportunities and the subsequent, addressable ROI.
  • Automation Journey Roadmap that pinpoints where to start and the best path to ROI.

For more information about the Customer Interaction Intent Study, click here. For information about IntelePeer products and services, visit: www.intelepeer.ai.

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IntelePeer simplifies communications automation through advanced AI-powered solutions, helping businesses and contact centers reduce costs, enrich the customer experience, and accelerate ROI. Its AI-driven Communications Automation Platform works seamlessly within existing business software and infrastructure, enabling brands to automate complex processes quickly and effortlessly. Built for business users, IntelePeer’s vendor-neutral platform leverages world-class generative AI and analytics, empowering businesses to proactively resolve potential pain points and maintain context across channels and throughout the orchestrated customer journey.

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