Sep 27, 2023

IntelePeer Launches SmartOffice Solution to Provide AI-Powered Communications Automation to Regional Offices and Retail Outlets

SmartOffice allows local offices to automate customer interaction resolution, increasing worker productivity and enhancing the customer experience

Dania Beach, FL, September 27, 2023 – IntelePeer, a leading provider of AI-powered communications automation solutions, announces the launch of its SmartOffice solution, which will enable regional offices and retail outlets to enhance local-level customer experience while introducing greater efficiencies and cost-effectiveness to their operations. Leveraging AI and analytics, SmartOffice will drive seamless containment and resolution of inbound customer interactions without the need for human intervention, thereby reducing spending and improving worker productivity.

“SmartOffice is a unique approach to handling a company’s local-level communications needs,” said IntelePeer CEO Frank Fawzi. “With generative AI as its backbone, the solution can preserve customer context and data intelligence across the entire enterprise, helping regional offices and retail outlets maintain a professional, hassle-free experience for customers. Likewise, SmartOffice can quickly escalate and route customers to additional departments and knowledge workers throughout the organization while capturing communications in a central, secure hub or across business applications.”

SmartOffice will allow offices to experience higher payback and ROI through predictable spending, reduced front-office costs, and improved employee productivity. The solution also drives efficiency by integrating with the enterprise for contextual information thus reducing searches for information, containing and completing interactions round-the-clock, and automating routine tasks across mobile and desktop. Enhanced customer experience features include:

  • Customer interactions that are contained and completed with the use of AI and automation.
  • Improved call containment rates and resolution times.
  • True omnichannel experience automating messaging, chat and email interactions.
  • Ability to handle interactions with contextual information.

“At IntelePeer, we are committed to simplifying and automating business communications by tapping into the power of AI,” continued Fawzi. “SmartOffice represents yet another landmark, focusing on a very real need of businesses across finance, healthcare, insurance, and retail industries. With AI and automation, companies can leverage enterprise data on a local level to improve operations while reshaping their customer experience. Moving forward, our customers can look forward to more innovative solutions that utilize AI and automation to simplify business processes and enrich customer relations.”

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