Nov 1, 2021

IntelePeer Launches Reputation Management Solution To Help Businesses Protect Outbound Calls From Being Mislabeled As Fraud Or Spam

All-in-one monitoring, registration and remediation solution provides actionable Insights along
with ongoing visibility, control and management to mitigate blocked calls

San Mateo, CA – November 1, 2021 IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, has launched its Reputation Management solution, an all-in-one service and system designed to protect and improve the delivery of business communications and improve call completion rates to increase overall customer engagement. For large, small and medium-size businesses, Reputation Management helps prevent calls from being tagged and mislabeled as fraud or spam by top carriers and analytic engines in the mobile calling ecosystem who are fighting illegal robocalls and scammers.

“IntelePeer recognizes the immediacy to address and mitigate illegal activity that is costing consumers, businesses and governments billions of dollars annually,” says Chris Botting, IntelePeer’s Chief Product Officer and General Manager. “While this helps verify caller IDs and combat illegal spoofing—used by robocallers to dupe consumers into believing their calls are from real numbers—there are unintended consequences to legitimate businesses. Our Reputation Management solution helps prevent businesses from being negatively affected by these industry changes.”

To allow businesses to take advantage of the benefits Reputation Management provides, IntelePeer offers two options: Professional for larger enterprises, and Starter for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs):

Reputation Management – Professional: A single source for ongoing visibility, control and management across the major carriers, analytic engines and apps. Reputation Management provides, through IntelePeer Insights, advanced analytics and a dashboard for on-demand reporting of call reputation and performance, and the ability to create alerts for changes in reputation. The Professional offering alleviates the time and resources needed to manage multiple carrier relationships and phone number updates. With IntelePeer as the single point of contact, large businesses can address negative number labeling, improve number reputation and achieve greater customer interaction for all phone numbers, both those with IntelePeer as well as third parties. If numbers require additional remediation, IntelePeer automatically invokes the appeals process at the carrier level to ensure a chain of trust, alleviating the burden from its customers.

Reputation Management – Starter: A cost-effective option for SMBs, the Starter solution offers a subset of the Professional features, including Atmosphere Insights®, which provides actionable on-demand analytics and visibility into all customer interactions across channels.

“Unlike many other solutions in the market, IntelePeer’s Reputation Management goes beyond monitoring reputation data,” Botting adds. “We take action to correct negative labeling through continuous monitoring, registration and remediation. We also consult with businesses on a solid call strategy to ensure calls to customers are answered with confidence. Our frequency of data available and level of partnership provides a superior experience and, equally important, peace of mind, so that businesses can focus on what’s most important—their customers.”

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