Jul 11, 2024

IntelePeer Introduces SmartCommunicator™ for Microsoft Teams

Dania Beach, FL, July 11, 2024 – IntelePeer, a leading AI-powered Communications Automation Platform provider, introduces SmartCommunicator for Microsoft Teams bringing customer-specific AI and automation to front office and other enterprise workers communicating and collaborating within the Teams environment. A new module available with the company’s SmartOffice and SmartWorker solutions, SmartCommunicator delivers IntelePeer’s award-winning platform to Teams users and allows for intelligent presence and skill-based routing for any incoming customer interaction, including text, email, and voice communications using individual or shared inboxes. SmartCommunicator is available through the Microsoft Teams Marketplace.

“Approximately 40% of the workforce is either remote or hybrid creating immense challenges for today’s businesses especially when it comes to information and knowledge sharing,” commented IntelePeer CEO, Frank Fawzi. “SmartCommunicator automates communications among employees and customers while capturing and acting upon time-sensitive customer insights across enterprise, retail, and remote locations. With real-time analytics, we’re bringing contact center capabilities to business users while giving central visibility and tracking into each customer interaction. SmartCommunicator is another element to deliver on IntelePeer’s vision of reinventing the contact center through customer self-service automation while giving high value interactions direct access to experts within the business.”

With a remote workforce, employees often use their personal cell phones to conduct business which eliminates the ability to capture and trace interactions. With SmartCommunicator companies retain control and visibility of all communications while ensuring corporate compliance at the highest level. The solution delivers a seamless, automated experience and provides a centralized place for gathering information from disparate business systems, integrating with Outlook, CRM, enterprise and vertical SaaS applications. This combination streamlines processes, eliminates the need to navigate between multiple platforms, break down data silos and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of outreach efforts and inbound customer inquiries. Other features include:

  • Full access to all AI and automation capabilities of the IntelePeer platform.
  • Automated outbound interactions that can identify and handle upsell, cross sell opportunities, and appointment setting providing extra value with each interaction.
  • Real-time enterprise analytics that measure and report on productivity and provides a clear path to growth by automation.
  • Shared Inbox for easy communication between customers and employees.
  • Templated responses and auto-reply suggestions to streamline customer communications.
  • Content moderation functionality that can filter inappropriate language.
  • The ability to handle queries in multiple languages.
  • Multimedia Messaging Service functionality that supports various files including images, files, short video clips, GIFs, etc. This capability enables easy sharing of PDF files, insurance cards, W-2 forms, and product images for retailers to name a few.

IntelePeer’s communications automation platform helps businesses quickly implement AI-powered omnichannel communications solutions that automates customer interactions. Since its inception, IntelePeer has automated more than 600M customer interactions across voice, messaging and digital channels while lowering the cost of an interaction ten-fold. IntelePeer’s communications automation platform leverages world-class generative AI that enables users to build communications-enabled workflows that integrate seamlessly with existing processes.

For information about IntelePeer products and services, visit: https://www.intelepeer.ai

About IntelePeer
IntelePeer simplifies communications automation through advanced AI-powered solutions, helping businesses and contact centers reduce costs, enrich the customer experience, and accelerate ROI. Its AI-driven Communications Automation Platform works seamlessly within existing business software and infrastructure, enabling brands to automate complex processes quickly and effortlessly. Built for business users, IntelePeer’s vendor-neutral platform leverages world-class generative AI and analytics, empowering businesses to proactively resolve potential pain points and maintain context across channels and throughout the orchestrated customer journey.

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