Jul 6, 2021

IntelePeer Completes STIR/SHAKEN Certification

Leading CPaaS provider committed to ending illegal robocalls to foster consumer trust

San Mateo, CA – July 6, 2021 – IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) provider, is helping foster industry efforts to combat illegal robocalling by launching STIR/SHAKEN to authenticate calls from its customers. This follows the company’s successful filing of its certification of completion for STIR/SHAKEN implementation with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). STIR/SHAKEN is a technology to verify caller IDs and combat illegal spoofing—a technique robocallers use to dupe consumers into believing their calls are from legitimate numbers.

“As a trusted communications partner, IntelePeer has zero tolerance for unlawful robocalls,” said Vu Tran, SVP Technical Operations of IntelePeer. “We are proud to be contributing to nationwide efforts to put an end to an illegal activity that costs consumers, businesses and governments billions of dollars annually. STIR/SHAKEN along with IntelePeer’s other solutions allow downstream carriers to better distinguish between legitimate and unlawful traffic, promoting the ability of all our commercial, educational, financial and governmental customers to reach those people they need to reach.”

IntelePeer applies STIR/SHAKEN to all voice traffic originating on its network, including calls received via SIP or from its Atmosphere CPaaS platform. The company expects that most customers will not need to make any changes to their equipment. IntelePeer’s STIR/SHAKEN certification can be viewed on the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation website.

For more information on IntelePeer, visit https://intelepeer.ai/.

About IntelePeer

IntelePeer creates smarter customer interactions, through its award-winning omnichannel communications solutions, powering automation with AI and analytics. Our Atmosphere CPaaS improves customer experience and satisfaction, decreases operational costs, drives new revenue, and improves business processes — all delivered through a single, easy-to-use platform that works seamlessly with existing business software and infrastructure. For more information visit: intelepeer.ai

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