Jun 16, 2021

IntelePeer Announces Availability of Atmosphere Voice for Microsoft Teams to Further Support Secure Cloud Deployments

Leading Communications Platform-as-a-Service provider brings businesses reliable voice solution featuring flexible, scalable deployment options and top-tier customer service

San Mateo, CA – June 16, 2021 – IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) provider, today announced the availability of its Atmosphere Voice for Microsoft Teams. Complete with first-class support, all-inclusive calling plans, flexible deployment, direct routing and dynamic 911, the reliable voice calling offering is ideal for businesses looking for easy migration, scalability, customization and security in their Microsoft Teams-based Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) solution.

“Partnering with leading vendors like Microsoft has become increasingly important in today’s CPaaS market,” said Richard Steadman, Director of Product, Media Services at IntelePeer. “Adopting a new system can be stressful enough, which is why the solution has been designed for seamless and effortless implementation. When customers are ready for a move to UCaaS but may need additional add-ons, Atmosphere Voice for Microsoft Teams provides a wide range of capabilities with enterprise-grade quality service.”

As of April 2021, Microsoft Teams usage has surged to 145 million daily active users compared to the beginning of the pandemic when users totaled just 32 million. IntelePeer developed Atmosphere Voice for Microsoft Teams with a variety of managed, self-service and hybrid set-up and calling plan options that scale to individual needs. The mainstay direct call routing function allows for lower total ownership costs, more flexibility and an easier migration because customers can keep their existing SIP services. Additionally, the Dynamic 911 function provides emergency call routing compliant with the Ray Baum Act, which allows for businesses to send accurate location information for users that may be roaming, for instance a large college campus, warehouse, or a business with multiple floors or areas in a building.

“Some of the competitive advantages of integrating Atmosphere Voice for Microsoft Teams includes the ability for users to keep their existing phone number, add supplementary calling plans and enhance the Microsoft Teams experience with our award winning CPaaS suite of products. Businesses can easily create intelligent inbound call workflows with SmartFlows, create customized outbound campaigns with Engage, and monitor end-to-end analytics with Insights,” said Richard. “These features combined with seamless routing and automation capabilities deliver the tremendous benefit of CPaaS and UCaaS enablement from a single provider.”

For more information on IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Voice for Microsoft Teams, visit: https://intelepeer.ai/platform/atmosphere-voice-for-microsoft-teams/.

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