Inbound Spam Protection

Prevent robocalls from impairing your business operations. Please contact us if you would like to add this solution to your existing plan.

Easy implementation

No developer resources necessary with our pre-built template.

Rapid execution

Quick deployment minimizes ongoing threats.

Customizable settings

Fine-tuned to match your unique preferences.

Tired of spam calls affecting your business?

Unwanted robocalls tie up valuable resources — costing money, causing longer wait times for legitimate callers, and dragging down productivity. With our Inbound Spam Protection, you can shield your business by thwarting spam in real time.

Simplify inbound call management

One size doesn’t fit all. We built our Inbound Spam Protection with a fast and flexible no-code SmartFlows template that can be tailored to fit your needs. Plus, Inbound Spam Protection stops unwanted traffic before it reaches your organization- without installing on-premises equipment.

identify and detect suspicious calls in real time

Unlike other anti-spam engines using event-based analytics, Inbound Spam Protection uses content-based analytics to consider the speech content of the call. Inbound Spam Protection utilizes a network of sensors that analyze billions of voicemail messages to identify patterns and detect threats.

Never miss a legitimate call

Unlike other anti-spam solutions, IntelePeer’s Inbound Spam Protection ensures human callers will reach the called organization. Suspicious calls are routed through an IVR challenge, which allows legitimate callers to demonstrate they are real people.