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IntelePeer transforming communications and collaboration through AI and automation.

Why IntelePeer

IntelePeer has been no stranger to change over the last 20 years, transforming from a voice-only business into a Communications Automation Platforms leader. Built for business, its vendor-neutral platform, suite of industry-leading AI technologies, and low-effort solutions simplify and automate complex processes for enterprises, empowering them to reduce costs, enrich the customer experience and accelerate ROI. A proven innovator with more than 2,100 customers, IntelePeer was named a leading Communications Automation Platform Provider in 2023 by Aragon Research. It also received the 2023 CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award, and Built-In honored the company in its 2023 Best Places to Work Awards.

AI Optimism

With a background steeped in AI, harnessing such tools as interactive voice response systems and conversational AI, IntelePeer recently incorporated generative AI technology into its communications automation platform. Currently, the platform leverages Azure Open AI LLM and its robot was developed to handle in and outbound communication functionalities including the tasks of a customer service representative, sales assistant, and front office assistant. At the same time, IntelePeer’s AI Hub continues to boost hiring efforts and build teams to accelerate the infusion of automation and generative AI into all products and applications. This union of AI and automation enables IntelePeer’s customers to introduce greater productivity and cost-efficiencies into their contact center operations and across their knowledge workers while reducing strain on employees, ensuring alignment between the front and back offices, and allowing all employees to focus on higher value, revenue-generating customer care tasks.

A letter from our CEO

IntelePeer is strengthening its dominance through the incorporation of generative AI into the contact center environment and across the enterprise workers. A trusted AI and automation advisor, IntelePeer eagerly embraces new opportunities and technologies to shape the future of the communications automation landscape.

Read the full letter from CEO Frank Fawzi 

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