Why your contact center needs an AI-powered communications automation to take CX to the next level

Oct 24, 2023

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As contact center demands and challenges continue to grow IT leaders within the industry are seeking innovative ways to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. At the core of this effort lies providing contextualized and personalized Customer Experience (CX) with instantaneous, intelligent communication that helps end customers meet their needs.

Despite the new technology, many contact centers still rely on siloed, disconnected applications that lack the integration and automated outreach to tackle these new demands. The result is higher operational costs, reduced scalability, and ultimately, decreased customer dissatisfaction.

A comprehensive AI-powered Contact Center Automation Platform (CAP) offering is the solution to contact center needs. CAPs are the gateway to unlocking the power of AI and automation, and transform communications into advanced, personalized experiences and streamlined processes, while removing the common hurdles linked to intricate legacy-like applications.

The advantages of integration

Today, customers expect support through various channels, including phone, email, chat, and more, which can be challenging to manage consistently. The sheer fragmentation of current isolated solutions cannot deal with the complexity of multi-channel interactions.

On the contrary, AI-powered CAPs can seamlessly integrate with various communication channels, enabling contact centers to provide efficient support while meeting customers where they prefer to interact. This integration ensures that the interactions are consistent across channels, providing a seamless and uniform experience that has an enormous effect on satisfaction.

Gathering data from all communication channels and creating a comprehensive view of customer interactions is best through integrated systems. This data can be analyzed to identify trends, measure performance, and make informed decisions to improve customer experience.

Moving to the cloud

CAPs allow contact centers to easily migrate to the cloud and unlock the power of AI. The move offers a myriad of benefits that dramatically transform operations, reduce costs, ease implementation and updates, and offer unique multi-channel capabilities that legacy systems can’t.

To try to achieve cloud-based systems’ performance levels via on-premises systems, contact centers must add additional stand-alone applications, increasing costs, and creating a complex process environment. These siloed, fragmented apps and hardware are usually hard-coded, making it difficult for contact centers to easily adjust systems to their needs.

On the contrary, cloud-based solutions offer enormous integration and flexibility. They allow contact centers to scale up or down quickly in response to changes in call volume or seasonal demand, ensuring that resources are efficiently distributed. This can be done while avoiding upfront hardware and infrastructure investments.

Cloud based CAPs can be deployed more rapidly than siloed alternatives, allowing contact centers to scale and adapt quickly to evolving business needs. CAPs also offer data redundancy across multiple data centers, reducing the risk of data loss and ensuring business continuity in the case of hardware failures or disasters.

CAPs also allow contact centers to continuously improve their personalization efforts; by analyzing customer interactions and feedback, organizations can refine their strategies and adapt to changing customer preferences.

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Layering CAP solutions over siloed systems

Contact centers can also implement CAP solutions over the top of current systems to boost performance, without the need of “ripping and replacing” their legacy infrastructure.

When deploying AI-powered solutions, contact centers can find areas where AI and automation can provide the most significant benefits, such as call routing, analytics, and repetitive tasks. In this regard, it is essential to consider cloud-based AI platforms or hybrid solutions that can seamlessly connect with on-premises systems.

Integrating AI and automation with legacy communications systems allows organizations to modernize operations and take advantage of the efficiency and customer service helps these technologies offer. A low-code or no-code solution with direct integrations and APIs is the way to go, as the embedded flexibility allows for immediate improvements.

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