Why wait to renew? Help your customers re-enroll with omnichannel campaigns

Nov 11, 2021

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Not only is the end of the year a time for renewing memberships, scheduling last-minute doctor appointments, and getting cars serviced, but it’s also a time for resolutions. Unsurprisingly, the most popular resolutions (50%) for 2021 were exercising and getting fit, followed by losing weight (48%), then saving money (44%), and improving diet (39%). In 2020, 35% of people kept all their resolutions, while 49% kept some of theirs, and 16% failed to keep any. The critical time for keeping a New Year’s resolution is the first six months, as research shows that after the first week, 75% continue their resolution – however, after two weeks, the number drops to 71%. After one month, the number drops again to 64%, and by the time the sixth month comes, only 46% of people successfully kept their resolution.

Help your customers succeed and meet their goals by reminding them to enroll or reenroll in memberships, programs, and plans with IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Engage.

With Atmosphere Engage, you can easily send and manage omni-channel campaigns to ensure your clients take every measure to keep their New Year’s resolutions. In 2014, 33% of people who set resolutions were unsuccessful because they didn’t track their progress, and 23% fell short because they simply forgot about their resolutions. Atmosphere Engage gives your business the power to quickly send outbound campaigns to notify or contact customers about their resolutions, helping them stay on top of their goals.

According to research, the keys to maintaining a resolution were self-efficacy, readiness to change and the skills to change. Atmosphere Engage allows you to upload contacts, configure messaging and choose communications channels from the same page for prompt deployment. Plus, it comes with customization and control features – so your business can leverage SMS, voice, email and social campaigns. Moreover, your company can schedule campaigns based on customer preference, targeting demographics through their preferred medium; SMS for the tech-savvy and email or voice for the more traditional.  Enable your customers with the tools they need to reach their goals and utilize your organization’s services at the same time.

Additional Atmosphere Engage features to enable your clients to achieve their News Year’s resolutions.

When you choose IntelePeer, your business gains access to a wealth of solutions. Atmosphere Engage pairs with Atmosphere SmartFlows to enhance campaigns, providing customers with AI capabilities, chatbots and self-service. These omni-channel campaigns will let you send interactive experiences rather than one-off messages. Which, when paired with Atmosphere SmartFlows, can be deployed as personalized, customized conversations and surveys.

Atmosphere Engage comes with scheduling capabilities, so you can set days and time windows to reach your customers when they’re most receptive. Also, you’re able to configure automatic redials to try again with unanswered calls and input time zones to avoid calling your customers in the middle of the night. IntelePeer’s platform is equipped with list management features, allowing you to upload segmented lists of contacts for specific campaigns. Likewise, your finance and IT departments will thank you for upgrading to Atmosphere Engage, which effortlessly reminds customers when their bill is ready and informs employees about maintenance, password changes and other pressing issues.

Whether you’re helping your customers get in shape, save money or improve their mental health, Atmosphere Engage from IntelePeer has everything you need to optimize your campaigns. Interested in learning more about how Atmosphere Engage can help you reach your customers when they need you most? Contact IntelePeer at https://intelepeer.ai/contact-us/ to get started.

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