When to use Marketplace no-code solutions

Jan 6, 2022

3 minutes

Imagine launching a product only to discover it has a bug. Customers call in and phone lines jam up. With tech talent hard to find, staffing levels may not be up to par and the overflow of calls doesn’t seem to be a priority.

Yet it’s an issue. Especially for your customers who you’ve spent years cultivating into a loyal following. Resources go to fixing the bug, but the overarching issue isn’t addressed. Solving the overflowing phone lines and how teams handle calls appropriately the first time is still an issue. A cloud-based CPaaS solution would fit the bill, but you’d need to time to train your IT resources and build the workflow.

That’s where Atmosphere Marketplace and its suite of low-code and no-code applications come in. A cloud communication platform with plug-and-play apps saves a lot of effort in this situation.

Atmosphere Marketplace has solutions with ready-made apps. These apps can help save time and prevent future losses. Plus, almost anyone can operate the non-threatening interface – no developer required for no-code apps. It’s a great solution to use for innovation, in emergencies, and to adjust for different times of the year.

Eliminate repetitive activities to free up the phones

Innovate in minutes with Atmosphere Marketplace’s no-code solutions. Automate work like time-of-day call routing, auto response, and post-call surveys in minutes to save your company hours of work.

Removing these tasks from call center employees’ queues may improve morale as employees work on more important and rewarding tasks. You may also save payroll dollars – around $6,629 per month for each additional person who doesn’t have to handle automated tasks. (Indeed, 2020)

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Pivot during emergencies

If a weather event takes down your systems or regulatory change demands a quick turnaround, teams must act fast. Emergencies (like a global pandemic) require quick pivots to help employees and customers alike.

Atmosphere Marketplace has the capability to make changes in minutes without a developer. Avoid overwhelming a call center by configuring a percent-based call routing to route calls into many call centers. Just follow the step-by-step interface to configure your no-code apps and let Atmosphere Marketplace’s call routing do the work.

Prepare for cyclical business

For less urgent situations, there are still more applications. Cyclical business impacts many companies. For example, a flower delivery business may see a huge spike in business in February when many people order Valentine’s Day bouquets. Retailers selling children’s toys see more activity throughout the holiday season.

With Atmosphere Marketplace’s tools, you can prepare for these spikes with interactive voice response (IVR), natural language call routing, and auto response. You can even set up automatic post-call surveys to help improve business and customer service for the next year. Furthermore, you can configure taking payment over the phone. You can even set up a payment processor, a low-code app with robust customization capability.

With this variety of modular apps designed to handle many common business issues, it’s hard to dismiss this solution. Atmosphere Marketplace apps improve employee productivity – saving time and removing repetitive tasks.

Stevie Mulia

Stevie brings 23 years of product and software development experience to the IntelePeer team. With a background in telecommunications, FinTech, consumer electronics, and automotive, Stevie utilizes his vast experience leading cross-functional teams to build excellent products that solve critical customer needs. Outside work, Stevie enjoys traveling, photography, and spending time with family. https://www.linkedin.com/in/smulia1/

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