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Jan 24, 2022

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Teams come in all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. And, with work from anywhere here to stay, teams are dispersed throughout the world. Marketplace applications can help your team consolidate your company’s communication efforts while being flexible enough to scale with growing businesses. It’s the future, with low-code apps projected to be “responsible for more than 65% of application development,” by 2024. (Maruti Techlabs, Inc, 2020)

Marketplace’s ever-growing library of flexible low-code and no-code applications empower even non-technical teams to solve business communication challenges. They minimize or eliminate complex communication development with the power of AI, automation, and ease of use. Apps can be applied at a large scale with quick and painless editing from any location.

No matter the company’s size – mid, enterprise, or in a state of growth – Marketplace platform will flex to your needs.

New businesses, many locations, one solution

With locations all over a town or all over a country, companies rely on consistency and efficiency. Marketplace’s Smart Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Digital Assistant, and Auto Response applications are designed just for this.

Working with Marketplace’s apps helps teams update communications quickly. Plus, you have instant access to them instead of developing APIs to integrate the arsenal of software your company uses. No need to have hundreds or thousands of locations waiting for a developer to make a simple communication change when someone with less technical experience can essentially plug and play one of our apps.

Smart Interactive Voice Response can unify or customize

Without a developer assigned to individual storefronts, teams can simply customize each location’s phone tree from headquarters – or anywhere, really. With the capabilities of Marketplace’s Smart IVR, you can keep messaging consistent across the country, or tailor messaging based on each unique location. Control messaging while scaling your business without the hassle of training local employees.

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Digital Assistant auto-maps calls

Similar to Smart IVR, our Digital Assistant application can help route calls without taking up a team’s technical resources and time. It recognizes what callers are talking about and sends them to the right department. This hands-off automation can help save time for your customers, too.

Auto Response app reduces up-front communication

You can reduce your teams’ workload by setting up our Auto Response application for customers’ text and calls. This Marketplace app can eliminate dozens, hundreds, or thousands of response tasks. You also have the option to customize the response message based on the storefront or location.

Enterprise and mid-size scalability

Whether a team operates at a mid-size company looking to scale up, or performs at an enterprise level, Marketplace applications will aid in scalability and automation to reduce cost and transform your communications.

You’ll save more time and effort as your team integrates more low-code and no-code apps at a company-wide level. All Marketplace apps can scale and conform to any company size. One-time set ups or communications adjustments can update one, 100, or 1,000 systems in minutes.

Plus, as the company grows, you’ll be able to manage more customer touchpoints, like the Payment Processer app, as the Marketplace library of applications expands.

Keep call centers working smarter, not harder

With call centers in different time zones, it’s costly and complicated to adjust call routing around the country. Our Smart Routing application can help solve this issue by adjusting call flows for teams in two ways.

Time of day routing, for example, can give calls to an eastern call center in the morning and automatically move traffic to a western location throughout the day. Day of the week routing is helpful when you need to direct traffic to a main weekday call center. On weekends, your traffic automatically routes to your second weekend center.

Call center, big business, growing company, three locations, or hundreds – Marketplace applications scale, save, and streamline your teams’ communications. Plus, these solutions help reduce on-premise systems and save budget. Our platform helps create a consistent and unified customer experience. In addition, the no-code and low-code work can be managed from anywhere, without technical expertise.

Stevie Mulia

Stevie brings 23 years of product and software development experience to the IntelePeer team. With a background in telecommunications, FinTech, consumer electronics, and automotive, Stevie utilizes his vast experience leading cross-functional teams to build excellent products that solve critical customer needs. Outside work, Stevie enjoys traveling, photography, and spending time with family.

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