Tech Tuesday: Deysi Nabuurs, Regional Field Events Manager

Oct 11, 2022

2 minutes

Welcome to another edition of IntelePeer’s Tech Tuesday series. This week Deysi Nabuurs, Regional Field Events Manager, talks about her love of learning, AI in our daily lives, and her latest podcast obsession.

1. What first got you interested in working in technology?

My path in technology started by dabbling in the digital marketing area. When I joined the tech industry, I was interested in learning how marketing differs from B2C and B2B companies. You never get bored in the tech sector, and I love the idea of being able to learn so much and still having so much more room to grow.

2. What AI or machine learning capabilities are you most looking forward to?

Artificial intelligence has and will change our daily lives in so many areas. I’m excited to see how it will change our everyday technologies like smartphones and computers to smart home assistants, apps, online streaming platforms, and, of course, marketing automation tools. Technology is something that shapes our lives in so many ways today.

3. What was the most challenging aspect of your career, and how did you overcome it?

A challenge in marketing is finding out the best way to reach your customers. So, I think being able to identify the most effective campaigns and strategies is one of the challenges that I, and most marketers, are facing today.

One way to overcome this is to identify the most profitable tactics by analyzing and tracking metrics on all campaigns. Understanding how campaigns are performing helps you lower costs and increase your profitability.

4. Any advice for women who want to join the tech industry?

Don’t let impostor syndrome control your career. Women so often feel they are underqualified or that they lack enough knowledge to enter the field. Be confident in your skill set and always understand the unique value you bring to your work.

5. What advice would you give your younger self who is just starting in the workforce?

Never stop learning. Learning is vital for your personal and professional progression – not to mention it will help you to boost your confidence and abilities.

Bonus: Who is your tech role model or what podcast(s) are you currently listening to?

Related to marketing, I am currently listening to State of Demand Gen. It’s a podcast that discusses a variety of innovative B2B strategies and tactics that work best in today’s market.

Knowledge is power.

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