Tech Tuesday: Ashley Lujan, Territory Manager

Apr 26, 2022

2 minutes

Welcome to another edition of IntelePeer’s Tech Tuesday series. This week Ashley Lujan, Territory Manager, tells us about her shift from graphic design to technology, shares her tech advice, and thanks her role model.

1. How did you end up in the Tech Industry?

Where to begin? I went to school and graduated in Graphic Design. I always had a passion for technology but knew little about it beyond basic everyday use. I was contracted to work with Cisco in their marketing department as a graphic designer, and I was lucky enough to work very closely with engineers and regional account managers for Cisco Live.

I learned a lot about routers and long-term evolution (LTE), specifically – I fell in love. I guess that was really my calling point. From there, I went to work for a big-time player in the LTE and wireless industry, Cradlepoint, and began my career in the tech industry.

2. What technology do you use the most – whether in your personal or professional life?

Everyone is going to say cellphone. Why? Because I use it for both personal and work. A very close second would be my laptop, and that’s for work.

3. What was the most challenging aspect of your career and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging aspect would be the ever-changing world of technology. I had to learn quickly that if you are going to get ahead and be successful in this industry, you need to be nimble, go with the flow, always ready and willing to learn, and stay flexible.

Technology – now more than ever – is changing at a rapid pace. To keep up, you must be willing to change with it and embrace everything new coming your way.

4. Any advice for women who want to join the tech industry?

Make it your passion, be flexible, and have fun.

5. What advice would you give your younger self who is just starting in the workforce?

Have tough skin. This was a male-dominated industry. Don’t let that stop you or stand in your way.

Bonus: Who is your tech role model?

James McClay was a Solution Engineer at Cradlepoint. Engineers are always busy. James took time out of his schedule each week to work with me. He taught me about LTE and the wireless industry. I was already a great salesperson, but I wanted to be the best. The only way I could be the best was to know as much as I could about my industry and the product. I conquered that goal. I studied and worked hard. When I left Cradlepoint, I left as a certified Expert Engineer. Thank you, James, for believing in me and carving the beginning path of my career.

Knowledge is power.

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