Tech Tuesday: Karin Holmgren, Campaign Management Director

Sep 20, 2022

2 minutes

Welcome to another edition of IntelePeer’s Tech Tuesday series. This week Karin Holmgren, Campaign Management Director, gives us and her younger self some great career advice, teaches us to ask questions, and shares some of her great role models.

1. What first got you interested in working in technology?

I was always interested in working with cool people on cool projects using cool technology. I am naturally curious and enjoy making things work. I love marketing operations, automation and organization. Currently, I am Director of Campaign Management at IntelePeer and a board member at the Women of Email.

2. What technology do you use the most – whether in your personal or professional life?

As an early adopter of technology, I remember wishing that my iPod, Palm Pilot, and phone would be one device. My wish came true. My phone is the technology I use the most, as it’s the primary way I communicate with my family, stay in touch with colleagues, make purchases, find my way while driving, weather reports, order food, take photos – everything, really.

3. What was the most challenging aspect of your career and how did you overcome it?

Simply put, despite being highly praised, technically skilled, and publicly recognized for my work – and that of my team – through awards, reviews, and speaking engagements, I wasn’t getting the promotions I deserved. That was the most challenging thing I’ve experienced. I enjoyed the work and the people so much that I waited too long and worked too hard to not get what I wanted. I bailed. I found a new job with the promotion I earned.

4. Any advice for women who want to join the tech industry?

Take the time to observe the company and its’ organizational behavior. You will learn from others how to behave and approach different ideas and concepts. Learn what makes people tick. Value the relationships you establish through working together. Leadership trickles down, too, so try to spend time at all levels of the company.

Do your research on the company before you join – beyond the corporate “About Us” page. How are their products rated in the market? What do former employees say? How will these opinions impact your work there? Are there things that can be changed?

5. What advice would you give your younger self who is just starting in the workforce?

Have a good question in your back pocket. Know your elevator pitch. When people show you who they are, believe them and act accordingly. Establish a solid method of following up with people and stick to it. Show up even when you don’t want to. Find a specialty community of like-minded people who support you. Answer your questions and whom you can support in return, like Women of Email or Peak Community.

Bonus: Who is your tech role model or what podcast(s) are you currently listening to?

I admire and follow many female CMOs in the tech industry – Sarah Franklin of Salesforce, Lorraine Twohill of Google, Roxanne Taylor of Accenture. I’ve started listening to Dave Gerhardt’s Exit Five podcast which is specific to B2B Marketing.

Knowledge is power.

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