Snow-nonsense ways to enhance your customer experience

Dec 22, 2020

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With the year we’ve had, you’re probably trying to find that extra-special, perfect gift for your customers this holiday season. Leave your worries behind and give the gift that keeps on giving and by improving your CX with omni-channel automation, AI, and analytics. Yule have your customers jumping for joy by delivering personalized experiences and automated self-service options that allow your customers to connect in their preferred communication method. Build strong customer experiences with automation, use advanced analytics to boost customer loyalty, and unwrap huge potential with AI. The best part? With CPaaS, you can leverage these cloud-based capabilities without having to replace your existing system.

Provide Tree-mendous Customer Experience

No matter what industry you are in, you know that a Santa-stic customer experience is vital to growing your business. But how do you build a better customer experience and evaluate if your strategy is working? By taking advantage of the combined power of omni-channel automation, AI, and analytics, you can easily implement streamlined processes that are integrated with other applications, measure the results, and modify as needed. Step up your game by giving customers the support they need in the way they want this holiday season. For example, intelligent routing can identify patterns that suggest a customer’s intent based on their activity and route the call or chat to the appropriate agent.  

Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, HR, and Finance teams can all sleigh it with these new capabilities. Teams can automate two-way conversations to resolve customer service issues, provide company updates and product information, support balance checks, transaction inquiries, and so much more. Companies like medical offices, beauty services, and ho-ho-hotels can offer automated self-service options for clients to conveniently make, reschedule, or cancel their appointments and reservations. Don’t be s-elfish, show your customers you really care by developing a stronger, more personal connection to keep them coming back for more.  

Need more inspiration? Here is an additional use case example: An airline can provide a first-class customer experience with automated notifications about gate changes, and possible seat upgrades or warnings of potential health risks at the point of destination sent via SMS, voice, or social channels. Passengers can address flight changes or other simple issues by interacting with self-service options such as chatbots while freeing up agents to deal with more complex issues. With visibility into your customer interactions, you can make data-driven decisions to better meet increased customer demands due to holiday promotions or updates to regulations by making staffing changes or new self-service options.

Build Loyalty and Spread Cheer with Customer Engagement

Don’t lose touch with your customers this busy holiday season. Get in the spirit by integrating your communication workflows with other applications such as CRM or billing systems to save your company and your customers a lot of time. Spread cheer by sending automated alerts, notifications, and company updates, directly to your customers’ smartphone.

Remember, small gestures go a long way, so think about creating an AI-assisted chatbot to send a friendly welcome message when someone clicks on your website or send a personalized holiday message to let them know that they are valued by your brand. While chatbots can send out custom greetings, they can also automatically determine customer preferences and respond accordingly, saving your team time and money.

Unwrap the gift of Atmosphere CPaaS

If you’re ready to spruce up your customer communications, add Atmosphere CPaaS today. We’re all about empowering brands to communicate through multiple channels, applying analytics to make data-driven decisions, and leveraging automation alongside AI to provide the customer self-service options and streamlined processes. Our Managed Solutions team can become an extension of your team to help you gain expertise, accelerate implementation, and see results faster. Whether you are a coding master or have no experience, our platform is for everyone. Give your customers the NEW customer experience – one that is agile, flexible, omni-channel enabled, secure, and scalable.

Contact us today to learn more or take a free 30-day trial. Happy Holidays!

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