Should I stay or should I go? The BYOC (bring your own carrier) opportunity

Jan 31, 2022

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Customers need more than simple voice services to ensure UCaaS and contact center solutions work better “’till the end of time.”

For those who love listening to The Clash, the classic lyrics “This indecision’s bugging me; If you don’t want me, set me free” has special meaning.

At no time is this more relevant for a business or enterprise than when evolving from a legacy private branch exchange (PBX) or a unified communications (UC) environment to a cloud-based unified communications as a service (UCaaS) or contact center solution. To ensure future flexibility and reliability, selecting the most capable communications services or communications platform as a service (CPaaS) partner should also be part of this decision.

Ask the question

The three options to consider during this transition are whether to:

  • Keep your existing voice provider
  • Change to next-generation CPaaS with the advantages of flexible apps and more capabilities
  • Look to a recently selected UCaaS or contact center solution to provide communications services

Transitioning to a new UCaaS or contact center platform is an opportunity to ensure that advanced, reliable, and extensible communications services and applications are available, and can be integrated with those platforms in a scalable and complementary manner to add even more value.

Decisions, decisions

Why not just have your new UCaaS or contact center platform provide voice and communication services? For most, the limited voice and messaging capabilities available by using your UCaaS or contact center partner as a communications provider makes this option less than desirable. Compounding this decision is the lack of enterprise-quality network, support, and the complexities of having one carrier for your UCaaS, another for your UC, and another for your contact center.

This option also lacks the opportunity to gain added CPaaS flexibility, communications apps capabilities, AI, analytics, and integrations that would make your newly deployed solution even more powerful.

BYOC (bring your own carrier) provides options for selecting the best communications platform that will add value to your new UCaaS or contact center solution. But beware, not all BYOC solutions are equal.

Maintaining status quo

Maintaining your existing voice carrier as a BYOC option after transitioning to a new UCaaS or contact center platform can also expose capability gaps. Depending on the partner this could limit future growth and flexibility, including the ability to innovate using omni-channel voice and messaging. Choosing this option without advanced communications applications, integrations, and capabilities limit the opportunity to create synergistic value with a new UCaaS or contact center solution.

Evaluating for the future

Making the change to a modern API-based CPaaS in a BYOC configuration might seem like a great option at first. But not all CPaaS providers provide guaranteed reliability or enterprise-quality support. With a focus on the developer market and an emphasis on messaging, and video, most CPaaS providers don’t have the voice experience or capabilities that enterprises demand.

Choosing this option without ensuring full UCaaS and contact center integrations or without the enterprise-grade reliability, support, and advanced voice capabilities could be a career-limiting decision. As the lyrical dilemma continues, “If I go, there will be trouble; And if I stay it will be double.” What other choices are there?

A better option that won’t clash

Fortunately, with IntelePeer’s Atmosphere CPaaS, you can get the best of all options. IntelePeer understands complex voice and omni-channel messaging communications, includes easy to deploy communications applications that add value, and integrates with leading UCaaS and contact center solutions. IntelePeer’s Atmosphere CPaaS is the only option that provides:

  • Automated provisioning and integrated with leading UCaaS and contact center solutions
  • Advanced Voice Capabilities: Guaranteed 99.999% reliability with our triple-redundant network
  • 24/7/365 U.S. live agent support with enterprise quality white glove treatment
  • No-code CPaaS applications such as automated assistants, IVR, and customer surveys that can be deployed immediately to complement UCaaS and contact center capabilities
  • Low-code CPaaS applications that allow users to customize business and communications processes for more complex integrations, built-in analytics, AI, and full-API access

Whether you’re an existing customer or switching from your previous legacy communications provider to join the IntelePeer CPaaS family, we have your back. So, for the lyrical finale, “If you say that you are mine; I’ll be here ’till the end of time; So you got to let me know; Should I stay or should I go?” (“Should I Stay or Should I Go” The Clash, Genius Lyrics).

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