Physical therapist and radiology: How can we improve patient experience

May 25, 2023

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Today more than ever, the focus in healthcare is shifting to prioritizing the patient experience (PX). In fact, studies consistently affirm that better PX correlates with better health outcomes. Furthermore, the pandemic fostered a greater desire for personalized engagement across industries – healthcare is no exception.

By utilizing emerging technologies like advanced data analytics, physical therapist and radiologists can elevate PX, improving patient outcomes and maximizing their bottom line. 

Provider pain points and patients struggles

Physical therapists and radiologists continue to combat operational disruptions, facing increased pressure due to staffing shortages, regulation constraints, compliance requirements, funding, and shifting patient demands. In response, many organizations embrace digital transformation trends and communications automation to keep pace and stay competitive. 

At the same time, patients continue to express frustration regarding duplicates and repetitive health forms, data not being used to their advantage, and restricted access to their medical records. Typically, these issues are due to poor health data integration and a lack of intelligent analysis. 

In every industry, from food to retail, convenience is king – the same is true for healthcare. Patients prefer to engage with their healthcare providers and doctors anywhere and anytime, whether chatting over FaceTime about the latest results from a checkup or discussing the progress in their recovery journey. Healthcare organizations can address these challenges by improving patient communications and modernizing operations through comprehensive analytics.

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The importance of analytics in healthcare

Like any hospital, analytics will help radiology practices better manage their limited personnel, allowing them to accurately track their bandwidth, productivity, and efficiency, ultimately permitting them to dedicate more time and energy to enhancing PX. Similarly, access to historical trends and customer communication patterns will enable decision-makers to spot areas in their practice for cost-saving and opportunities to improve efficiencies, i.e., integrating automated chatbots of repetitive customer calls. (Dimensional Insight, 2022)

Analytics are also invaluable to physical therapists and their PX – namely, as it pertains to scheduling appointments. When paired with a communication automation platform, an analysis solution will let physical therapists set up alerts based on thresholds or anomaly detection, thereby preventing the organization from inadvertently booking too many patients or too few in one day.  

Additionally, healthcare practices must collect data via patient feedback to identify areas requiring improvement to connect and engage with them more effectively. By receiving patient feedback about their experiences, physical therapists and radiologists gain a deeper understanding of their needs, preferences, and values, which can help practices make changes to improve the quality and safety of their care.

Not only can this feedback improve PX, but it can enrich the business as well. When patients have a positive experience, the likelihood they will recommend their doctor to others increases. 

Why physical therapists and radiologists should choose IntelePeer 

Physical therapists and radiologists must pursue patient-focused design to achieve long-term success and positive PX – and IntelePeer can help you do just that. 

IntelePeer’s SmartAnalytics captures and stores your patient interactions in one place, helping you make data-driven decisions to improve PX and, inevitably, care outcomes. Contact us today, and discover how we can help you solve your healthcare business challenges.

Stevie Mulia

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