Personalizing your customer service with CPaaS

Jul 11, 2022

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Merely having good customer experience isn’t a differentiator anymore. Today, what separates successful brands from not-so-successful brands is a personalized customer experience. In this modern era of omnichannel retail an ideal customer experience must meet individual shopper needs.

In fact, 60% of consumers are comfortable with brands using their personal information if it means a quicker, easier and more convenient experience. (Retail TouchPoints) It’s evident what shoppers want, and communications platform as a service (CPaaS) presents a tangible way of giving it to them.

The necessity of analytical insights for an in-person and online experience

One of the most valuable features of an omnichannel solution is its ability to collect information from customers across your platform and integrated third-party applications. From phone calls and text messages to social channels and chatbot conversations, a leading omnichannel solution uses data collection tools in a smart way to extract meaningful insights from the endless ocean of figures. You can leverage this data to improve processes, reduce costs, increase revenue, and – most importantly – deliver more personalized service at every shopper touchpoint.

The best customer service utilizes AI and machine learning

Connecting your live or digital customer communications with a CPaaS platform will enable you to use AI and machine learning (ML) to track what is most imperative to the customer experience. These two tools will also let you deliver tailored services and bolster agent performance. Additionally, by utilizing AI, ML, and data analytics, you can provide even greater customization based on location, time of day, call duration, and other historical trends.

Streamlining the customer experience with CPaaS

Almost 80% of Americans value speed, convenience, knowledgeable assistance, and friendly service as the most positive aspects of the customer experience. (PWC) By gathering customer data, you can make the purchasing of products and services a smooth and stress-free experience through various CPaaS features. Automated and self-service SMS messaging and 24/7 voice communication give the shopper more control over when and how they communicate with a brand. And by connecting channels like virtual agents and chatbots, customers won’t have to repeat themselves endlessly or re-input their queries.

Although customers may love a particular brand, 59% will turn their backs on it after several bad experiences. (PWC) Your business must resolve issues quickly and to shoppers’ satisfaction. Typically, CPaaS solutions offer advanced features like natural language processing for speech recognition, sentiment and tonality analysis, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech, ensuring customer’s problems get solved efficiently. And with call recordings, companies can reflect on noteworthy inquiries or enlightening interactions to refine their experience and communication.

Adding CPaaS to your customer experience and omnichannel plan opens so many doors. It’s hard not to justify technology that can help automate so many communications and improve touchpoints on and offline. Start looking into how your company could optimize your shoppers’ experience.

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