New webinar explores pathway to create the new customer experience with CPaaS

Oct 20, 2020

3 minutes

Are you looking for expert insights on industry technology trends? Or guidance on technology that can help solve your current and future business challenges? Well you’re in luck! IntelePeer hosted a webinar with guest speaker, IDC analyst Courtney Munroe, Vice President of Worldwide Telecommunications Research, and our CMO, Robert Galop. The result was an engaging conversation exploring current and future trends related to business operations, CX initiatives, and the acceleration of digital transformation and technology platform adoption.

We don’t want to give any spoiler alerts but here is a sneak peek!

Key insights from IDC include:
  • The stages of adjustment and recovery of the pandemic, and how enterprises are responding.
  • The future of work and what it means for IT operations (hint: remote work is here to stay).
  • IT infrastructure and spending, including tremendous growth in CPaaS over the next five years.
  • Digital platform adoption trends and predictions.
  • Cloud communications as a driver for digital transformation and customer engagement.

The last two stages are all about reinvention, coming up with new ways to meet the current reality and then looking forward to the future by redesigning the network to be more agile, meeting requirements of what will be the new normal of operating IT over the next few years.

Courtney Munroe
Vice President, IDC
Solutions shared by IntelePeer:
  • How enterprises can leverage omni-channel automation, AI, and analytics to solve CX challenges.
  • Use cases in beauty, travel, healthcare fin-tech, healthcare insurance, and utilities industries.
  • CPaaS can be easily implemented with existing on-premises solutions to deliver increased revenue, decreased costs, and improved overall customer experience.

“Enterprises are looking at all new technology, like conversational AI, new ways to leverage data through machine learning or analytics and wondering how can I start to take advantage of this when I don’t have a team in place,” Robert Galop, CMO at IntelePeer, says in his opening part of this webinar before moving into case studies showcasing how CPaaS can improve your CX and bring in new revenue.

If you are interested in learning more, grab some popcorn (or your favorite snack) and watch the whole 45-minute webinar.

After that, reach out to us! We’d love to hear your thoughts and show you how easy it is to add on omni-channel automation, AI, and analytics without having to rip and replace your existing solution.

Knowledge is power.

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