Hot off the press: New Nemertes eBook outlines path to innovation for on-premise contact centers

Oct 13, 2020

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A question for customer experience (CX) leaders, are you looking to make your customer experience more innovative, agile, and scalable?

With the surge of cloud capabilities and rise of digital interactions, contact centers are in the proverbial hot seat to deliver a first-class experience to keep up with the competition and those ever-changing customer demands. You’re probably thinking, “Moving to the cloud is time consuming and very expensive, we can’t afford to rip and replace the entire contact center.” We hear you. Rip and replace has haunted on-premises contact centers for too long – but there’s a better solution.

IntelePeer partnered with Nemertes Research to conduct a study of CX leaders and gain deeper insight into the world of on-premise contact centers. What we found may just change your view on this whole move to CCaaS business.

Nemertes study revealed that the top challenges of an on-premise solution are:

  • High cost to replace equipment
  • Difficult to keep up with CX innovation
  • Lack of scalability

Sound familiar? How about the reasons you like your on-prem solution despite these challenges?

The top benefits of having an on-premise contact center include:

  • Maintain control over contact center security and technology
  • Ability to customize to meet needs
  • Better connectivity/uptime

You’re probably thinking “tell me something I don’t know”. Guess what? There is a way you can get best of both worlds where you solve your business challenges, get access to innovative capabilities, and avoid rip and replace.

Eighty-five percent of on-prem contact centers would stay on prem if they could add in more capabilities and applications that make them more flexible and scalable.

Would you? Check out our eBook for more findings on this survey and to discover how you can start your path to innovation and see major business results including more revenue, lower costs, and improved customer and agent experiences.

Then reach out to us to learn how you can layer on omnichannel automation, AI, and analytics with IntelePeer’s platform.

Knowledge is power.

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