Keep payment systems operating through Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Oct 21, 2021

2 minutes

How much of an ironic tragedy would it be if your marketing team put out the most successful and attractive ad campaign your company had ever seen, only for the inevitable spike in website traffic to result in a costly crash. Who’s at fault? The marketing team – of course not. The real issue was that the website lacked scalability, which is the ability to adjust performance based on increased user traffic and queries. 

Most online retailers will experience surges in website traffic ten times that of normal levels between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While website traffic this year may not be as high as the 2020 holidays, shoppers have grown more accustomed to buying online; e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to reach $6.4 trillion by 2024

For this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ensure your payment systems handle the increased demand with IntelePeer’s Atmosphere CPaaS solution so there is no lost or deferred revenue this holiday season.     

Atmosphere CPaaS is a powerful platform built to solve business challenges, and seasonal website surges are no exception. IntelePeer’s CPaaS platform alleviates the strain on your payment systems through automation, self-service, and proactive notifications, while outbound omnichannel notifications keep employees and customers in the loop. Even during high call volumes, customer payment inquiries won’t go unanswered, the quality of service won’t decline, and agents won’t get overwhelmed. 

Atmosphere CPaaS can equip your business with chatbots to answer basic questions and allows for more complex or pressing queries to get escalated to a live agent. Self-service options will streamline check-out processes so customers can continue their shopping spree. Atmosphere CPaaS even enables picky clients to hear product information through call automation. Moreover, research shows that IntelePeer’s CPaaS platform increased revenue by 53% and decreased opex by 28%.

Today, customer experience (CX) is everything – and with Atmosphere CPaaS, purchasing products and services are smooth and stress-free. 

At the functional center of CX development is CPaaS. IntelePeer’s Atmosphere CPaaS comes with customizable features and functions that do not require building supporting back-end infrastructure since the back-end is already in the cloud. Mistakenly, too many decision-makers are worried about using CPaaS because they assume that it requires sophisticated developers to set up or that they’ll have to replace their current infrastructure. While perhaps some providers cannot integrate their CPaaS solutions, IntelePeer’s CPaaS offering has direct integrations and APIs to fit seamlessly within your existing infrastructure. Plus, our CPaaS solution is low to no code – meaning everyone, regardless of coding proficiency, can utilize the platform. 

An essential component of ensuring ideal CX is responding dynamically to changing traffic patterns using real-time data, something even more critical during peak holiday season. Atmosphere CPaaS provides actionable analytics with full visibility into customer engagement data so your team will have the necessary guidance to optimize automation for payment systems. 

As millions of customers worldwide alter their shopping habits, you must guarantee your business prepares for the inevitable surges of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Scalability is critical to preventing a holiday disaster, but so too are solutions that can enhance CX. By choosing IntelePeer’s Atmosphere CPaaS, you’ll get the best of both worlds this holiday season.

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