IntelePeer’s Voice for Microsoft Teams: It’s a win-win for everyone’s business

Jun 24, 2021

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It’s no secret -the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of collaboration platforms and conferencing tools, as millions shifted to remote work. However, the importance of workplace flexibility was prevalent before  and was made evident in LinkedIn’s January 2019 Global Talent Trends Report. This report reflects a 78% increase in job posts listing flexibility and remote working from 2017.In other words, being able to have the flexibility to work from anywhere (WFA) was no longer seen as a job perk but rather an expectation. Today, companies that offer flexibility may not stand out for offering it, but those who do not risk losing the battle for talent.

Businesses are turning to all-in-one cloud communications platforms like Microsoft Teams to support the shift to remote work, an all-in-one cloud-based communication system. Usage from UCaaS platforms like Microsoft Teams surged from 32 million active daily users pre-pandemic to 145 million as of April 2021.

Given this rapid adoption by organizations to improve their employee collaboration requirements as WFA takes root, companies are looking for complementary and flexible technologies to go along with their UCaaS solutions. One of these is the ability to add calling to their Microsoft Teams solution by using their current or preferred voice provider. Which is why, as a company with a long history of partnering with Microsoft, we developed Atmosphere Voice for Microsoft Teams. 

“One the biggest factors we found in our recent study, is those companies using Teams for their calling platform, about 70% were using Microsoft direct routing and bringing in their own session control borders and using their SIP services, primarily to save money but also maintain control over phone numbers and dialing plans,” said Irwin Lazar, president, and principal analyst at Metrigy, during a recent podcast with us. “Direct routing is rapidly evolving, giving customers more choices.”

Atmosphere Voice Services for Microsoft Teams enables our customers to use our reliable and secure SIP services and connect to Microsoft Teams through direct call routing, ultimately resulting in lowering costs, as well as more flexibility and an easier migration. As big believers in one-size-does-not-fit all, we didn’t just stop at one option. We offer the choice for customers to bring their own SBC and use our voice services or pick our exclusive Microsoft Teams calling plan with self-service or fully managed provisioning. 

Additionally, our Dynamic 911 function provides emergency call routing compliant with the Ray Baum Act, which enables businesses to send accurate location information for users that may be roaming (employees from a large college campus, warehouse or a business with multiple floors or areas in a building, for instance). 

Once you have your Microsoft Teams Calling in order, we set you up for success with future business initiatives with our highly scalable platform that makes it easy to add on services and extend the capabilities of Microsoft Teams with:

  • Omni-channel automation for call routing, self-service, notifications, and more
  • On-demand analytics for visibility into communications performance such as call duration, call volume, or disconnected calls
  • Integrations with third-party business applications
  • Business continuity for weather events, power outages, or call traffic spikes

At IntelePeer, it has always been our mission to develop the best technology for our customers. Providing communication services that integrate with leading vendors like Microsoft has become increasingly important, particularly as companies continue to make a full transition to digital. With a single cloud-based voice solution that integrates directly with Microsoft Teams and spans across multiple locations and countries, customers will enjoy superior voice quality (and so much more) from any device. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Interested in learning more? Check out our recent podcast where we sit down with Metrigy analyst Irwin Lazar to talk all things Microsoft Teams. You can listen to it on Spotify here: or Apple iTunes here:

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