CPaaS update: New campaign builder, simpler list uploads, playback options, and more

Oct 12, 2020

3 minutes

Happy October! While Halloween might look a little different for most of us this year, we at IntelePeer are still getting in the holiday spirit. Prepare yourself for some spookily awesome updates in this month’s release.


Retry functionality

If at first your campaign doesn’t succeed, try, try again. If your voice campaigns are not reaching the contacts you’ve provided, you can automate multiple attempts for the campaign to send again. Instead of sitting around wondering if you’re as invisible as a ghost, let Engage give it another go. Simply select the number of times you would like to retry a campaign from the dropdown list.


Do you ever start a project only to be scared away halfway through? Now, you can save your unfinished campaigns and return to them when it’s a good time for you. Don’t worry about losing any work or progress, Engage has got your back!

Run campaigns

You can now run a campaign directly from the Campaign Builder page without having to return to the main Campaigns page to deploy. Once you’ve published your campaign from the Campaign Builder page, a “Run Campaign” button will appear at the bottom of the builder. Simply select that button and your campaign will run.


Play back audio

Do you ever wish you could replay the words that just came out of your mouth? Well now your callers can! We’ve added the option for callers to replay any recordings that have been taken during their call to ensure that what they said was accurate. In any Audio Configuration after a recording has been taken, you’ll see a variable that looks like $REC_#.full_recording. Use this variable during configuration to allow callers to replay their recording.

These are some of the exciting updates we made this month. For a full list new features and fixes made in this release, check out the release notes.

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