Three creative ways to say thank you to your customers this Thanksgiving

Nov 25, 2019

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Oh, hay there! Thanksgiving time is here. And while we know you always appreciate your customers, it’s also the time to make sure your customers know they are the apple of your pie. It can also be hard to get the attention of your customers during the holidays with all the end-of-the-year hype. So how do you cut through all the stuffing?

If your customers know you know and love them a lot, they’ll continue to purchase your products and engage with your brand. In order to reach out to them in the best way, you need to understand them. Are they a green bean casserole or mashed potatoes type person? Do they require gravy for their turkey? Track customer behavior to identify customers who continually engage with your brand and those who may need extra attention. Identifying these types of customers can help you show your appreciation in ways that feel personal to them and gain you customer loyalty.

Here are three creative ways to say thank you to your customers before they trot out of your life.

Share a piece of the pie

One way to thank your customers could be by helping them gain publicity and online presence. Give your customers the limelight and allow them to not only promote your business, but also their own or others that they care about. If you send a customer newsletter, choose customers who engage with your newsletter often and offer them a section of your newsletter to write about themselves or how they work with your company.

On social media, share and retweet comments from your customers so they know you not only heard them, but you’re helping to amplify their message. Using sentiment analysis, you can automatically highlight positive social media feedback for all your customers to see. The reviewer will appreciate the new connections and other customers will recognize how helpful your products can be.

Ask what you can do butter

Unless it’s 8am on Monday and they haven’t had their coffee, people appreciate when you ask how they’re doing. Make the effort to reach out to your customers and ask how they’re feeling about your company and the experiences they’ve had with you. Surveying and knowing your customers is critical to joint success.

Automate feedback forms to collect and analyze their responses, then segment them into groups based on specific answers or sentiments. Send a thank you email afterwards with a promo code or a personal note from an executive, so your customer understands that real people recognize and appreciate their taking the time to give feedback.

A-maize them with generosity

While customers love promo codes and discounts, they’re commonly used to buy a customer’s affection but doesn’t always equal to brand loyalty. Similar to sending out feedback surveys, ask customers what charities or causes they care about the most. Consider including these causes in your own company’s volunteer and donation plans. Or, give specific customers the chance to win a contest with the prize being a donation to their charity of choice. Even if you’re butterballin’ on a budget, a small donation to any organization goes a long way and your customers will not forget that. It’s sure to bake their day!

There are a million and one ways to thank your customers. Drop us a line on LinkedIn and let us know how you’re thanking your customers this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at IntelePeer! Eat, drink, and cranberry!

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