IntelePeer partners with BASE Technology to resolve the unemployment challenges among military spouses

Nov 2, 2022

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Military families face many unique challenges, from long periods of separation to frequent moves. Unquestionably, the most significant difficulty facing military families today is spouse underemployment. To address the issue, IntelePeer is proud to collaborate with BASE Technology on a program that enables military personnel to stay on active duty longer by helping spouses find gainful and long-term employment.

Why is it challenging for military spouses to build careers?

The era of sole breadwinners has declined drastically over the years, and today most households need two earners to stay afloat. (United States Congress Joint Economic Committee, 2020) Relying solely on servicemembers’ income is no longer viable – both must work. Unfortunately, constant uprooting and moving negatively affects career development and longevity for military spouses.

Limited affordable child care and extended periods of unemployment have resulted in the military spouse unemployment rate being four to six times higher than the national average. (, 2022) The Blue Star Families’ annual military family lifestyle survey found that active-duty spouses rank employment as their number one concern. (Blue Star Fam, 2022)

Tragically, the result of spouse unemployment is that servicemembers leave the military. In fact, almost 40% of military families considered departing from active-duty service because of such challenges. (CNBC, 2021) Nevertheless, despite the pandemic exasperating existing problems, the ability to work remotely opened up new work opportunities for these mobile families.

BASE Technology’s initiative   

Having seen firsthand the effects multiple moves have on the careers of military spouses, BASE Technology sought to equip this underutilized and undervalued portion of the population with training and mentoring. By helping to find consistent and long-term employment, BASE Technology is enabling companies to leverage the untapped potential of these highly-focused and driven individuals.  

BASE Technology, a Wireless Technology Solutions, LLC (WTS) program, utilizes a specialized recruiting and screening process to identify potential candidates. After taking an aptitude test, spouses learn technical computer skills such as low-code/no-code software solutions and Microsoft, Workday, IntelePeer’s Smartflows and Salesforce products over four to six weeks, empowering them to work from anywhere.

After completing the training, BASE Technology helps the spouses’ interview and develop a career with a remote-friendly company. The program promotes retention among military service members and benefits businesses as the accelerated training program facilitates rapid time to value.

So far, more than 300 spouses have taken the program’s aptitude test, with fourteen spouses securing new work opportunities. IntelePeer is proud to be one of the original program charter members (?) and participants of BASE Technology’s initiative, as it is deeply passionate about the issue of underemployment among military spouses. It provides training in valuable low-code and no-code computer skills, helping military spouses capitalize on work opportunities in the tech space, which is the perfect sector to build remote and portable careers.

BASE Technology is the inspiration of a retired United States Marine Corps officer. After spending 20 years in the Marine Corps and more than 25 years in C-level technology positions, this CIO understands and empathizes with the challenges that military spouses face in having a sustainable career where they can continuously grow, advance, and flourish. He also appreciates the need for proficient and conscientious people who can support the technology needs of organizations. The BASE Technology program is an opportunity to meet those technology needs with qualified and trained military spouses.

Consider becoming a program participant  

Currently, BASE Technology’s program is looking for additional companies to participate in the program and we strongly encourages other organizations to become involved in hiring the invaluable talents found in servicemembers’ spouses. 

Learn more about BASE technology, and support their noble vision today!

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