How to improve customer experience [Infographic]

Mar 24, 2018

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When it comes to providing a great customer experience, communication is key. It takes an integrated approach to make sure your customers are satisfied each time they interact with your company, improve pain points and bottlenecks, and reduce business efforts when and where possible. Whether it’s before, during, or after customers do business with your company, you can make every touchpoint a great experience.

Connect customers

Use contact automation to link customers with call centers based on location, time, and even business needs. Service customers better by helping them as fast as possible while distributing work to call center locations across the country.

Simplify interactions

For simple questions in several different languages, turn to interactive voice response (IVR) with omnichannel capabilities. Provide fast, quality self-service to handle repetitive customer needs. AI can handle simple customer questions, schedule appointments, and seamlessly hand off more complex calls to a live agent.

Automatic updates and notifications

Utilize automated outbound text, social media, and voice notifications for:

  • Customer reminders
  • Appointment updates
  • Marketing promotions and deals
  • Offline payments
  • Customer feedback with surveys and polls

Quality assurance

Call recording, transcriptions, and ratings help monitor and manage the quality of customer service. Surveys can even be transcribed and automatically assigned a sentiment like positive or negative feedback.

Actionable data and insights

Real-time analytics help realize bottlenecks, customer pain points, and more. Streamline your services, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience with real data at your fingertips. Make changes for a better experience and monitor to see your actions improve interactions.

Download the infographic below to learn more about how your business communications can help deliver a better customer experience throughout the entire customer life cycle, reduce overhead costs, and relieve your call center. Read more on how communication automation can help your company and customers thrive.

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