How dentists can benefit from AI and predictive analytics

Mar 14, 2023

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The ongoing economic downturn, coupled with shifts in patient expectations, have dental practices struggling to stay competitive. Thankfully, advancements in AI and predictive analytics lend a much-needed hand to busy dentists.

From automating appointment scheduling and confirmation to screening emergency patients about their symptoms before they arrive at the office, dentists can use AI and predictive analytics to streamline manual processes and enhance operational efficiency while personalizing care and boosting CX.

AI-enabled automation for dentists 

Like any business, a successful dentist needs a stable patient roster with people willing to recommend the practice to others. (The Dental CFO, 2022) Of course, that is easier said than done, as patients have become more impatient recently. The last thing someone with a toothache wants is to be on hold, listening to elevator music. Likewise, people don’t want the dentist to finally call them back in the middle of their work day. 

However, with AI, dentists can configure auto-response messages or chatbots that can speak or text with a patient even if the office is closed. And, if the phone lines are busy, AI-enabled self-service solutions take patients off hold and let them resolve their own inquiries. 

Not only is AI-powered automation more convenient for patients, but it also liberates overworked staff from the day-to-day monotony of routine tasks. AI tools can automatically send reminders for every upcoming appointment, empowering staff to focus on only the most important patient needs.     

Forecast trends with predictive analytics  

Predictive analytics uses historical information to help dentists anticipate future trends and make data-driven decisions. Consider the patterns of patient scheduling, whether it is parents calling about their children during the winter holiday or more people squeezing in a last-minute visit at the end of the year. With predictive analytics, a dental practice can determine staffing needs at specific times throughout the day, week, and year to avoid under and overstaffing.

Dentists can also use predictive analytics to forecast sales, revenue, and expenses to budget more effectively. (Harvard Business School Online, 2021) Additionally, predictive analytics track the KPIs relevant to CX. This data will help dentists determine the exact channel an individual patient prefers, such as text, voice, or social messaging, enhancing response rates.

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Uniting AI and analytics with a Communications Automation Platform 

AI is only as effective as the quality of the data it has at its disposal. Thus, dental practices must unify AI and analytics through a communications automation platform to create more comprehensive profiles of patients and achieve truly personalized CX, improving satisfaction and loyalty.  

Moreover, a communications automation platform offers a single source of truth, meaning all the information a dentist needs will be in one easily accessible place. Best-in-class platforms integrate seamlessly with existing reporting tools, helping offices see real-time metrics and historical trends across channels through on-demand reports and intuitive dashboards. Likewise, dentists can set up alerts based on thresholds to notify them if things like appointments are concerningly high or low.  

IntelePeer’s SmartAnalytics for healthcare

In light of the various challenges and uncertainties affecting dental and healthcare practices today, it is key that they adopt IntelePeer’s SmartAnalytics to gain visibility into their omnichannel patient interactions through actionable, on-demand analytics.

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